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Calcium is essential for bone health. Without calcium, there can be no strong bones. While calcium can be obtained from food, sometimes calcium supplements are required. 

Calcium in supplements is usually found combined with another substance. This companion constituent is usually a carbonate or citrate. Another option is plant-based calcium which is in the form of Lithothamnium calcareum.

You need to be armed with sufficient information about these supplements to make choosing the right one for you easy. We are here to help you with it. Read on to know more!

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What is the best form of calcium to take: Calcium carbonate vs Calcium citrate vs Plant-based calcium?

Calcium carbonate

These are cost-effective and contain high amounts of elemental calcium, about 40 percent by weight. Calcium requires the aid of stomach acids to be fully processed. So, they are consumed after meals. 

However, some people complain that they feel bloated and constipated.

Calcium citrate

This kind of elemental supplement can be absorbed more easily by the body. However, these supplements contain only 21 percent calcium. Therefore, a greater number of tablets will have to be taken. 

Stomach acids don’t play a major role in absorption of calcium citrate. So, it can be taken even on an empty stomach. It is also a better choice for older people, who produce less stomach acid.

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Plant-based supplements 

Plant-based mineral supplements come from edible food sources. Therefore, they can be absorbed a lot more easily by the body. 

Plant-based calcium supplements have been clinically proven to be more effective than elemental calcium supplements. 

Why should women consume calcium supplements?

Calcium supplements for women over the age of 30 is now considered a necessity because they are at an increased risk of osteoporosis. It is best to consult a doctor to figure out which calcium supplement will suit your needs the best. 

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Points to keep in mind about Calcium supplements

  1. Consuming more caffeine results in calcium loss through urine. To maximise absorption of calcium, limit your caffeine intake through beverages to two cups.
  2. Excess sodium consumption in the diet also results in loss of calcium. The daily sodium limit should be 2400 mg per day. Every 500 mg above this limit results in losing 10 mg of calcium.
  3. If calcium supplements have minerals like zinc or iron, the absorption of these minerals is negligible.
  4. Always consult a doctor or health practitioner before starting consumption of a new calcium supplement.
  5. Always avoid supplements with dolomite, oyster shell, coral, etc, as they may contain toxic substances like lead.

Key Takeaway

Calcium is required in our body for strong bones, clotting of blood and multiple other essential functions. However, there is a daily recommended dose for everyone and one should keep that in mind. You should opt for a plant-based calcium supplement, from a certified brand like OZiva as they have better absorption and bioavailability.


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