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After an exercise what you need? To know firstly, we have to know why we require.

During exercise your body utilizes a large amount of energy. During this period the body cells are at extreme pressure and cell damage is common. To cope up with this muscle loss your body needs a high amount of amino acids.

To meet the nutritional requirement after workout protein drink can be the best option. Proteins, building blocks of muscles are made up of essential amino acids. These amino acids are utilized by the cell for growth and repair of cell damage.

Protein does more than just help repair muscles after a hard workout. The body is designed to avoid using protein in simple energy production. Having a high protein snack post workout will help the muscle to repair and grow. As a result, protein helps in toning of the muscles along with good exercises.

Protein is an essential diet for everyone. But it becomes necessary for athlete and bodybuilders.

Why we need protein after workout

Adequate nutrition is require to recover from workouts and competitions. Your body absorbs whey faster than casein and stimulates protein synthesis for muscles to repair and rebuilding. Muscle damage can increase with the absence of proper diet.

So having adequate amount of protein becomes necessary after a workout. Your body struggles for optimum nutrition after exercise. After workout 30 minutes are very crucial for athlete and bodybuilders so if proper nutrition is provided response to recovery is great.

Benefits of Protein Drink

There is a wide range of protein powders available in the market for selection. From animal sources there is whey, casein and from plant sources there is pea, soy and rice. Protein powder provides you with good amount of protein and there are different flavors of protein powders available for different tastes buds. There may be different reasons for taking a shake some need for performance in sports, some use it to gain muscle some other goal is to achieve stronger muscle and lose fat.

Some of the important benefits that it can give are as follows: 

1. Increase recovery

After workout there is an increased muscle stress and also the energy requirement is very high for the next 30 minutes. During this time body metabolism is maximum.

With the quick supply of protein, body responds quickly to heal the wear and tear of the muscles. Protein-shakes are easy way to increase your protein intake. So post workout, you can quickly have those protein drinks. If you are planning for protein drink, then have it within 20-30 minute after a workout. 

A study illustrates that people who consume a drink rich in amino acids, the building blocks of proteins post resistance exercise experience greater gains in lean body mass and larger muscle fibers. 

2. Increased Muscle Strength

Your main goal for a workout is to increase muscle strength. And to build stronger muscles you need to have high quality amino acids. So after exercise when you drink protein shakes you prevent muscle injury. And because of this muscle strength increases and you gain a stronger body.

Whether your goal may be weight loss or not, but drinking a protein drink can boost metabolism to burn more calorie and fat.

A new study suggests that drinking protein after workout rather than carbohydrate heavy drinks after aerobic activity can maximize the effects of exercise and increase training efficacy, at least in older people. In this study participants were given protein drinks after 45 minute exercise sessions for six weeks. The result showed how much muscle growth occurred in people who drank protein drinks after exercise over those who didn’t.

The Takeaway

It is not difficult to understand that a good balance of exercise and nutrition can go a long way. However, knowing when and what to eat when exercising is also important to help reach those fitness goals. Ultimately having a protein drink post workout seems to be beneficial for muscle growth.



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