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Two of the most commonly used foods for breakfast- protein shakes and eggs are so frequently used that almost all of us know them inside out!  Here’s a closer look at both the protein sources and what they are good at.

An Egg-static boost:

For a long time, egg has been considered the perfect food on the basis of its high PER (protein efficiency ratio) as well as the PDCAAS. The protein content in the egg is split between the yolk and whites along with other nutrients. While the egg whites contain different types of protein accounting for 11-12% of the egg white while the rest comprises of fat and other nutrients. In comparison, the yolk  proteins include most of lipoproteins, B12, biotin, folate, B6 and choline apart from iron, phosphorous an d zinc.

The calories coming from eggs are maximally from protein that is why they are a go to food for protein lovers.  A large egg contains 6 gm. protein, 85 kcals and 3 gm. fat.

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Whey to go:

Whey comprises of about 20% of the total protein which is acquired during the cheese-making process. It is a complete protein since it has a complete amino acid profile, high in all essential and non essential amino acids which is why it is also considered to have the highest PDCAAS score.

Compared to other milk protein Casein, Whey consists largely of proteins like beta-lactalbumin, lactalbumin, immunoglobulins, B complex vitamins and other essential minerals.  The most abundant protein in whey is beta-lactalbumin which is rich in leucine (one of the BCAAs) that helps in fat oxidation and muscle fuelling.   Leucine helps optimize muscle protein synthesis (through mTOR signaling) in the exercising muscle.

Whey being the most rapidly digestible protein is considered as a great source of muscle fuel around workouts.  

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Takeaway note:

Not only is a protein breakfast a satisfying meal but also beneficial on more than one level. A protein rich breakfast not only helps you burn fat but also keeps you satiated for longer. Between eggs and whey protein, egg is a slow acting protein that initiates a steady protein level rise in the blood stream and therefore is more suitable for non workout days while whey being a rapidly digesting protein is best suited for around workout times.

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