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If you have been keeping up with the weight loss strategies that hit the fitness world every now and then, you may very well be aware of the high protein and high fat diets that have been trending a lot recently. So what is this buzz about these fad diets that is making them popular among masses and will it work for you? Find out in this article.

The high fat diet (keto):

The keto diet is a high fat diet with moderate amount of protein and very few carbs. This diet tries to divert the body’s use of primary fuel from glucose (from carbs) to fat. This diet works by macronutrient distribution that may look something like this: 75% fat, 5% carbs and 20% protein. Unlike popular high protein diets, this diet doesn’t occur in phases but instead encourages using the same macronutrient composition and eating ratios until you reach your final weight goal.

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What happens?

Due to sudden change in the eating habits, one might experience rapid weight loss at the beginning of the diet which may serve as a motivating aspect to move ahead. However, the weight loss that is noticed in the initial phase is not necessarily always just fat. In fact, fat is the last nutrient to move out. The initial weight loss that you notice is the water and to some extent, muscle loss that contributes to the weight loss. That is why you might be subjected frequent mood swings and a little uneasiness until you get used to the whole diet. However, keeping yourself hydrated and avoiding electrolyte deficiencies through proper supplementation can ensure that you face little trouble.

Since the plan emphasizes more on the fat and protein as compared to carbs, this ensures that the food moves through your digestive tract at a slower pace which means you have less cravings and eat less frequently. This in turn, contributes to eating less and burning more with exercise thus helping you inch towards weight loss in a better way. Another contributing factor towards a lowered appetite is the ketone bodies released in the body as a result of fat oxidation. These ketone bodies play a role in lowering the levels of the hunger hormone Ghrelin and as a result you end up eating less.

However, Keto diet was originally meant for patients of epilepsy whose bodies are unable to utilize glucose as its primary fuel for brain. Whereas, for the rest of us it is still a fad diet even if it does seem to give results. However, the pros of having a high fat diet are only so many. Prolonged phases of restricted food items may result in deficiencies of nutrients and fiber while also having the potential of producing a boomerang effect.

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High protein diet:

This diet usually refers to like of Atkins or Paleo which usually involve following up with the diet in phases. There’s a lot of carb-counting involved which can seem pretty tricky at times. The high protein diet requires you to include at least one standard serving of protein per meal. The amount of carb intake may vary depending on the phase of the diet you would be in.

What happens?

With the reduction in carb intake, the diet puts your weight loss efforts into action. And along with the focus on protein and fat intake, the satiety is well maintained. Also, this diet encourage you to cut down on carbs coming in from refined or processed sources thereby minimizing your empty calorie intake by large.

One of the drawbacks would be the effect on mood and energy levels initially due to cutting down of carbs, which can prove challenging for some. Other than that, since the high protein diet is low in carbs, it does not necessarily restrict the protein sources that may also have slightly higher fat content, which can be distressing in the long run.

Takeaway note:

As far as the two diet are concerned, high protein diet may a better chance at enhancing health status as well as the weight status since it does not work with complete elimination or extreme reduction of carbs  like the high fat diet. Secondly, it also works in phases thereby helping individuals get through transitioning sets of phases towards their goals.

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