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Shatavari has been long known in India for its multiple health benefits, especially in case of women. This is precisely what makes it so popular with the women as their go-to ayurvedic herb for most health conditions. It has adaptogenic, immunostimulative properties among several other benefits. However, Shatavri stands out for its major contribution to the fertility health in women.

Here is a list of 5 major ways that this homely herb helps to improve fertility in women:

  • Shatavari, as per research has shown to improve stress related fertility issues. Stress can affect fertility seriously causing delayed ovulation or no ovulation at all, or may result in inflammation to the tissues of reproductive system that can cause further complications. Shatavari improves the production of white blood cells in this particular area which helps combat inflammation and restore uterine health while bringing down the damage caused by stress.
  • In certain cases of threatened miscarriages, where the uterine muscles contract due to oxytocin release, Shatavari has been known to have a counter effect on this that helps the contractions subside.
  • It improves ovulation. Steroidal saponins- one of the important contents of Shatavri is known to be regulator of the female hormone estrogen. When the estrogen release is modulated, it contributes to a more regular and healthier menstrual cycle and better ovulation  results.
  • It maintains the cervical mucosa. Poor cervical mucous can be one of the major reasons for lack of conception. The presence of cervical mucosa helps facilitate better interaction between the ova and sperm, by easy entry of sperm. Shatavri helps protect the mucosal membranes at the cervix and maintains it.
  • Last but not the least, Shatavari acts as a great galactogogue (lactation stimulant). Through many studies it has been observed that Shatavari helps increase the lactation in new mothers. However, women with endocrine disorders must consult with their doctors before consuming this herb.

 While Shatavari is one of the safest herbs known, it is always wise to first consult your doctor and go ahead with the herb. Sure, shatavari being tru to its nature and promise does its work, however, it is also important on your part as an individual to also take the correct health precautions, make right lifestyle changes and stick to a healthy routine for life-long health benefits. 


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