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For most people, the idea of weight loss comes with a lot of baggage- that of many struggles, sacrifices and apparent suffering. However, no matter what the demand of the situation, those dedicated to losing the extra flabs and gaining a leaner look will do their best to stick to the necessary caloric standards.

Here’s to the dedicated ones, the determined ones and those willing to endure the tenure of a weight-goal targeted journey- a simplified definition and personal guide to calculating the BMR and TEE.

First things first…

What is BMR Score (Basal Metabolic Rate)?

BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate is the pace at which your body burns calories at rest. While the concept is universal, at individual level it differs from person to person depending on factors like medical condition, gender, genetic composition, body composition, age, activity level to name a few. Most people identify with the range of 1150-1850 kcals per day.

To get to know your BMR the prediction equation formula that can be used is:

*Source: ICMR expert group for Indians (1989)/ BMR is 5% lower for Indian than intl. values(FAO/ WHO/UNU)

What is the TDEE / TEE Score (Total Daily Energy Expenditure or Total Energy Expenditure)?

Total Daily Energy Expenditure or Total Energy Expenditure (TDEE/ TEE) is nothing but an estimation of how many calories you burn when exercise is considered. This is calculated by first finding out your BMR and then multiplying that by an activity factor that defines your current activity pattern best. 

It is extremely necessary to neither overestimate nor underestimate your physical activity factor when calculating as this might hamper your progress throughout the phase.

How much calorie deficit you need to maintain?

Going by the assumption that eating as little as you can or creating an extreme caloric deficit in your diet, no matter what your requirement may backfire on you. You can consider these points while creating a deficit, depending on your goals.

  • Fat loss: you will lose more fat with a bigger deficit (25% or more of your TEE). However, with bigger deficit there is a definite chance of losing out on your lean mass as well. That is where tactful meal planning comes in.
  • Like mentioned, muscle is inevitable but moreso with a bigger deficit. Make your diet and workout pattern in such a way that is easier for you to follow it as well as reach your target. Therefore, choosing a deficit that suits you best will bring you closer to this. You can start out by trying out 3 variations of deficits: small: 10-15% of your TEE, medium: 15-20 % of your TEE or bigger deficit: 25% or more of your TEE.

What Supplements that you can consider?

Supplements can be your saving grace especially when you are calorie bound and target driven.

  • Whey: Good quality whey will provide ample amounts of quality protein to improve your metabolism while helping you recover and repair your muscles on the way. Invest in a good whey that gives you at least 25-30 gm. of protein per day and limit the intake of protein shakes to 2 a day, max.
  • Multivitamins: It always pays to have a multivitamin by your side, especially when you are trying to get your body back on track. Multivitamins will help you meet your daily micronutrient needs effectively if you haven’t been able to do so through diet alone.
  • BCAA: To strengthen your muscles and help them recover and repair, BCAA are one to be counted on.

Once you have got everything charted out just right, step into your program, stay patient and stay determined. While it is important that you do maintain a consistency in your routine, I would say, at least follow up for one-two months to allow the program to reward you with substantial results.

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