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So, you have been working out on a regular basis, taking in a decent amount of fiber and making sure that you are maintaining a clean diet plan throughout your fitness journey. But still find yourself unable to gain the right kind of lean mass or lose that extra amount of flab?It might surprise you that perhaps, how much of what you have been eating thus far post your workouts needs to be reworked.

It is time to shift from just focusing on “eating protein” to “eating the right amount of protein”. From steady hormone functions to enzyme synthesis for various roles in the body and for great hair and skin health- everything is majorly dependent on protein. That is why it is so important to ensure that you get in your daily dose of required amounts of protein in the right quantity.

However, the main problem arises with the question-how? If you are one among many who find it difficult to incorporate right amount of protein in your diet because of differing dietary preferences or lack of time for healthy, balanced meals or any reason for that matter- Calm down, for we have just the solution for your dilemma.

Through a research conducted recently, which was done, to define the influence of protein (in 2 different quantities) post workout in individuals with varying amounts of lean body mass. The study concluded that as long the set group of individuals had higher amounts of protein, they seemed to show better levels of muscle-protein synthesis.

Going by the study, the results suggest trying to get at least 40 gm. of protein post workout if you are looking to build lean muscles and burn excessive fat. However, this is also goes without saying that this might work better if you also stick to a regular moderate to high intensity workout.

Instead of going for huge meat servings or having half a dozen of eggs everyday post workout, we suggest you try the following recipes to help you meet your daily protein demand. 

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