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Have you been wondering why your skin doesn’t look like all those Instagram beauty filters? Is your armamentarium of toners, moisturizers, creams and serums not really doing much of all the wondrous things that they promised? Well, one of the reasons could be the lack of vitamins in your diet. Until your skin is nourished from within, it will continue to have that lacklustre appearance. You need to know that only the right vitamins can give you the skin glow up you are seeking. Here are a few skin vitamins that you need to bring back your glow: 

Vitamin C

This immunity-boosting powerhouse is great for the perfect skin glow up. There are two main things that Vitamin C does for your skin: protects it from harmful UV rays and helps in the synthesis of collagen. Vitamin C can help repair any sun damage to your skin and also forms a protective layer to prevent further damage. It also aids in the production of collagen, which keeps your skin firm and lifted. Although several skin serums are available in the market, the beneficial effects of topical application are not well known. However, ingesting vitamin C can do wonders – add a side of citrus to your meal or take a supplement to reap the benefits. 

Vitamin E

Like Vitamin C, Vitamin E also helps protect the skin from UV damage. Being an antioxidant, it fights off the harmful free radicals formed through sun damage. Vitamin E is widely found in foods like nuts, seeds, avocado and salmon. Whip up some guacamole or sear some salmon straight up to fix your damaged skin! 

Vitamin D

The best-known source of Vitamin D is the sun! But what about the UV damage that comes along with it? It’s an established fact that you need Vitamin D to prevent the occurrence of several skin diseases like acne and dermatitis. There are great plant-based Vitamin D3 supplements that will help you get your daily dose with ease!

Vitamin B complex

Deficiency in Vitamin B can have many adverse effects on the skin, the most common ones being dry skin, chapped lips, cracks around the mouth corners and rashes. If you are experiencing any of these, chances are you’re lacking one/many of the Vitamin Bs. Vitamin B complex is essential for cell repair and function and the easiest way to obtain all of them in one place is through supplements. 

Vitamin A/Beta Carotene

Another antioxidant that prevents damage and protects the skin from the sun and its harmful UV rays is beta carotene. As the name suggests, it’s found in abundance in carrots. Few green leafy vegetables, pumpkins and squash can also provide the required amounts. Vitamin A for skin can be easily incorporated into a vegan or plant-based diet.

Vitamin K

Although more significant for its blood clotting functions, Vitamin K has also been associated with the healing of the skin. It lessens several conditions like spider veins and stretch marks. You can turn to some leafy greens to boost up your Vitamin K levels. 


Apart from vitamins, your skin also depends on certain minerals to maintain its integrity and regular function. Selenium is one such prominent mineral that reverses skin damage and signs of ageing. As with other vitamins, selenium can be obtained through food or supplements. Sunflower seeds, chia seeds, melon seeds, etc. are good sources of selenium. Another important mineral for your skin is zinc. The healing and anti-inflammatory properties of zinc helps skin recover from injuries faster, plus reduces acne and acne scars. 


Vitamins may not be the quickest way to glowing skin, but they are definitely an effective and sustainable way to improve your skin as well as overall health. Remember that no number of creams, serums or gels can make your skin healthy unless the body’s vitamin demands are met. That’s why you must ensure that you are getting your daily dose of skin vitamins.

Written by Dr. Sulagna Chakrabarti

Sulagna is a dentist by day and a writer by night. She has been moonlighting as a content creator since 2015. Ask her something random and there is a very, very high chance that she will contribute to the conversation.

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