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There is a lot of talk around the importance of Vitamins. Each vitamin appears to be extremely important and vital to our health. So should we consume all of them, at one go? Not exactly. Should we take them all separately? Well, the right answer lies in understanding dosage and absorption. This helps us to know which vitamins can be taken together, and which can’t. Let’s look at some of these unwritten rules.

Calcium and Iron have a complex relationship

If you consume a particular mineral (supplement or food), it may halt or interfere with the process of absorption of other minerals. For example, when we take a Calcium supplement, we should keep a gap of at least 3-4 hours between that and another mineral supplement, like Iron. This will help both the minerals to be digested and absorbed well.

OhMG: Magnesium’s dosage matters!

Although it is mostly irrelevant if you take supplements before, during or after food. However, the digestion of certain supplements on an empty stomach can lead to gastrointestinal problems. For example, It is advised to take Magnesium in small doses, three times a day with high-fibre meals for better digestion and absorption. However, for those who are suffering from diarrhea, it is advised that they take it on an empty stomach.

Popeye may have had great muscles but weak bones

The absorption of Calcium in the body decreases with foods and fruits that are high in oxalates and folates. These include spinach, wheat bran, oranges, corn, etc.

Your favourite multivitamin may not be really helping you

Daily multivitamins are a fan favourite since people think it’s doing the job of providing all the nutrients available. But it also varies upon the manufacturers and the company. If you do pick a certain multivitamin supplement that you like, pick one that provides 100% of the daily value of nutrients needed only. Nothing more, less is still okay. If your doctor specifically prescribes a dose higher than the 100%, then let go of other supplements you’re taking in order to prevent any problematic combinations. 

Vitamin C and Zinc are the ultimate Jai-Veeru combo you need!

You must’ve heard of the dynamic duo Vitamin C and Zinc being taken together. Both of them play a vital role in nutrition, immunity defence and maintenance of health. Studies have shown that when consumed alone, the contribution of vitamin C and zinc towards immunity and protecting against viral fevers like the common cold is less. However, when taken together, they amplify each other’s strength and prove to be very efficient in fighting flu viruses.

We also have Karan-Arjun in Calcium and Vitamin D3

Another popular combination is Calcium and Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 plays an important role in the absorption of ingested calcium and its deposition on bones.

Takeaway: Talk to your nutritionist first

These are just a guideline, ultimately it is your doctor or nutritionist who can guide you the best depending on your needs. If you wish to take advice from our in-house nutritionists, you can mail us at and they will be able to prescribe you plant-based vitamins and mineral supplements that suit you best. 

You can also watch this video to understand the role of vitamins and minerals in our body and how to take them right!

Written by Nidhi Girijan
Nidhi is a 20-year old undergrad student who is obsessed with her cat and k-pop

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