Anwesha Mukherjee’s reveals the best Post Workout Drink

Meet Anwesha Mukherjee, a working woman from Delhi. Anwesha was not happy with her weight so she began working out at home and got rid of all the excess weight

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Mumbai People React to Health Drinks with Sugar – Vox Pop

With the Summer heat over our head we all have started consuming cold drinks. However are they really healthy?

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Protein Rich Parathas To Add To Your Diet

Parathas are delicious to eat and are enjoyed by everyone. However they lack protein content since they mostly contain flour, vegetables and potatoes. Here are

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What Does Saloni Eat In A Day To Lose Weight?

We often get confused by the numerous diets online and whether to follow any particular diet. Whether to go for 3 meals or 6 meals or intermittent fasting?

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How to Include Protein Shake in Keto Diet?

A ketogenic diet (also known as keto diet) generally includes three dietary properties: low carbohydrate, high fat and moderate protein intake. This keto diet

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I love my body. You will too !

Looking at fit and beautiful women, whether it is the charming ladies from Bollywood or whether it is looking at international beauties, we always tend to

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