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Looking at fit and beautiful women, whether it is the charming ladies from Bollywood or whether it is looking at international beauties, we always tend to wonder if it really was possible to maintain a gorgeous body naturally without superficial enhancements! 

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As we live in a country blessed with several varieties of foods, it should be really easy for everyone to meet their nutritional needs, on average, right? Wrong. For a basic and important nutrient like protein, which is the building block for several body functions, on average an Indian women is deficient by 50% in her protein intake. To be honest, neither do we like our overly sized thunder thighs nor it is easier for us to love our love handles. This is the situation with almost all of us.
This is where O’Ziva’s Protein & Herbs comes in as a saviour to the likes of us! Exclusively handpicked ingredients that go into this wonder product, tailor made for ladies.
The best part about Protein & Herbs is it is complete with class-1 protein and tastes brilliant! The unique blend of 2 varieties of Whey with the ayurvedic herbs like Shatavari, Tulsi, Ginger to name a few, helps to improve hair and skin health, fight cellulite and promote hormonal balance. It enhances the beauty with which women are blessed with.

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Not only does it stay true to it’s purpose but it is super convenient to have a protein shake handy especially when you are short on time. For someone who works out or even for somebody who doesn’t, O’Ziva’s Protein & Herbs shake is a must try.

Add OZIVA Protein & Herbs Shake to Your Diet to get a toned body !




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