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We often get confused by the numerous diets online and whether to follow any particular diet. Whether to go for 3 meals or 6 meals or intermittent fasting? These days people try numerous things and still are unable to find a diet that is good for them.

Meet Saloni Maathur! She is a Lawyer who loves beauty and travelling. She has always helped women get in touch with their true inner beauty through her beauty vlogs. She is truly a role model to all of us.

In this video she shows us what she eats in a day when she is on a weight loss journey. After her workout, Saloni always has OZiva Protein & Herbs. It gives her energy, increases her stamina and also helps her with muscle soreness by rebuilding the damaged muscles during workout.

For her post workout smoothie she adds in some fruits like bananas and strawberry and blends them with OZiva Protein & Herbs. She tops it up with some dark chocolate chips. She really enjoys this shake as her evening snack.

At OZiva we love to share Real Stories of Real People who have added OZiva to their lives. We wish Saloni all the luck on her fitness journey.

Thank you Saloni for inspiring many of us to stay fit and healthy and also for sharing your story routine with us.

Add OZIVA Protein & Herbs Shake to Your Diet if your diet is lacking in proteins.

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