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Just like your skin, your hair also needs careful nourishment to look and feel its best. You need to take care of it with an optimal daily hair care routine. But what does that routine look like? Are there things you are doing right now to your hair that could be harming it? 

Yes, absolutely. While hair accessories are great for helping you keep your hair out of your face and creating a strong look, not all of them are doing favours for your strands! Let’s see which ones are actually damaging your hair right now! 

This blog lets you know about the effects of headbands, hair pins, hair clips and hair ties, ranked from least to most damaging! Keep reading. 

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  1. Hair Ties (Scrunchies) 

A hair tie or scrunchie is probably the simplest way to move hair out of your face, as they are simple hair accessories. You are all too likely to grab a scrunchie as you leave the house and wear it on your commute! But they can actually damage your hair if you pull them too tight. 

Pulling them too tight is often the key to keeping your hair secure. But this tightness creates hair traction around your temples and hairline. This hair traction can eventually lead to thinning and hair fall if you do it too often (especially if you do it every day). Hair traction means a constant pulling force on your roots that can lead to alopecia. 

If you weave a hair tie too tightly around the strands, it can cause hair damage, and weaken and break them. Your remaining hair can become brittle and snap if pulled. Scrunchies or even tucking your hair over your ears can permanently change the shape of your hair when removed. 

If you’re going for a scrunchie, try a satin band. Satin is a loose fabric that keeps your hair strands tied but does not use too much force. Silk or satin locks moisture in during the dry seasons and even helps reduce the risk of scalp infection. 

  1. Hair Clips 

Hair clips are a woman’s best friend, they say! Well, that’s not always the case. Hair clips come in many different sizes and shapes, from the popular butterfly clip to clip-on extensions.  But they can be some of the most damaging items to put in your hair. 

Poorly made hair clips can tangle the hair, and jagged edges can cut your strands. But the worst undoubtedly have to be clip-on extensions, which weigh down your real hair and leave gaps and bald spots once you remove them. 

Hair clips are often small and cannot hold large sections of your hair. You need to constantly adjust them, and that adjustment can often affect sections of your hair. Hair clips are prone to breaking if you shove too much hair into its grip. The gripped area will often have a different shape and texture to the rest of your hair. 

If you are going to clip your hair, try claw clips as the safest option. Claw clips don’t tug your hair so much, and gently keep your hair in place without adding too much friction. However, ensure you pick a strong claw clip, as the flimsier ones can break in your hair. 

  1. Hair Pins 

Hair pins, especially pretty and sparkly ones, can transform the look of your hair and turn casual into stylish. However, hair pins also damage your hair, but that is down to the type of pin most of all. It depends on how the pin is made and how you use it. 

You often wear hair pins near the scalp, and sharp metal pins can hurt your scalp and strands. Too many hair pins tugs at the follicles directly, and it tears your hair away in the process. Metal hair pins are prone to rusting, and this rust can also lead to hair damage, especially if you wear the pins in the shower. 

The safest hair pins to use are hair pins with a plastic end cap as this covers the sharp metal ends. Try out a spiral pin, which weaves itself lightly through your strands and does not cause too much damage. However, ensure you never use hair pins daily as it can cause extreme harm. 

  1. Headbands 

You might have wanted a headband ever since you saw it in an early 2000s music video. There are all types of headbands ranging from plastic tooth-comb headbands to stretchy fabric ones. You might use them to tame that one annoying hair that’s always breaking free of a ponytail or braid. 

However, headbands can be horrible for your scalp health. They pull back your hair from your face, which can permanently affect your hairline and scalp. Headbands with built-in combs can especially put pressure on your hair. 

Have you ever removed your headband only to see strands of hair coming out too? Headbands can cause hair breakage. If you put it too tight, it can cause pressure to your noggin and also lead to headaches and migraines. 

100% avoid headbands with built-in combs. 


If you’re regularly wearing hair pins, hair clips, headbands or hair ties, you are on the path to hair damage. One of the things you can do immediately (other than stopping) is to begin nourishing your hair from the inside-out. Strengthen your follicles and strands with the right vitamins and minerals to build up your hair strength and quality. 

OZiva Hair Vitamins is one of the best natural solutions for hair growth and hair fall control. It is clinically proven for thicker hair in 8 weeks*. It contains vitamins and minerals for hair growth including Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Biotin, Iron & Zinc. Consuming it for around 8 weeks can have amazing results, along with: 

  • A nutritious and balanced diet 
  • Drinking 2-3 litres of water daily 
  • A good night’s sleep of around 7-8 hours 

Consume 2 tablets daily – one post lunch, the other post dinner. 


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