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Hey! Are you dreaming of having a fitter, healthier body?  If yes, you have landed at the right place. Many men today focus on bulking up and gaining muscles and this blog will surely provide you with the best tips to have the body you dream of. Promise!! There are ‘the’ top 3 things one needs to start doing right away to gain muscles. What are these? These top 3 things are…oh wait, first, something more important before you go ahead. If you are planning to hop onto the bulking-up and muscle-gaining journey you need to fix it in your mind and prepare yourself to be consistent and committed to the journey completely. Also, know that you can’t just gain muscles very quickly, it takes time and if you rush into things you may even end up gaining unhealthy fats rather than muscles. You certainly don’t want this to happen. A big NO to shortcuts like taking steroids as well, because they can seriously affect your health as there is no ‘safe’ way of consuming steroids. The only supplement you will require is the best protein powder for men.

Go the right way and follow the 3 top and essential things which are listed below to gain healthy muscles.

So the top three things are: 

1) Workout efficiently.

2) Consume a highly nutritious diet. Keeping a check on the proportions and quantity of carbs, fats, and proteins is a MUST.
3) Consuming the best protein powder for men from the huge choices the market has to offer. 

Let’s dig deep to have a clearer insight into all these top three things.


Undoubtedly working out or exercising at the gym is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of muscle building or gaining. And that’s right, you have to follow a strict workout routine. But does it mean overtraining? NO, the resting period for your muscles also has significant importance in muscle growth. It can damage muscles as your muscles won’t get enough time to recover after a heavy workout session. 

Here are some tips, including protein powder for men:

1) Choose your exercises well: Do exercise according to the muscle you are targeting.

For example, if you want to target your arm muscle, go for exercises like bicep curls, pull-ups, dumbbell fly, tricep exercises, and others. If you want to have abs, focus on core exercises like sit-ups, bicycle crunch, Russian twists, and plank.

2) Choose the right weight: Adding weights increases the efficiency of the exercise you are doing. Once you start, aim to take heavier and heavier weights. You should feel doing the set number of repetitions with those weights will be a task or may be even impossible! But, also take care that you don’t strain yourself so much that you will end up hurting your muscles too much. Precautions need to be taken for any form of exercise.

3) Adding in cardio (cardiovascular exercise) and strength training: Strength training will help you increase your strength, stamina and endurance. Cardio supports overall body fitness. Both these forms of exercise are also helpful for fat-burning. 

4) Consistency is the key: You got to be consistent in your workout. Skipping days on days won’t help but would rather slow your muscle gain journey. After a heavy leg day, you will obviously have pain and muscle soreness but opting for staying home the next day and skipping your workout won’t help. 

5) Rest: As even mentioned above, letting your muscles rest is also required. Heavy workouts lead to muscle damage and soreness. To let your body repair your muscle you need to give your body adequate rest and intake enough nutritious diet and the best protein powder for men that supports muscle recovery.


Diet plays an important role in your body’s well-being. Whether you want to lose weight, gain it, bulk up or just be generally fit, don’t neglect your diet. To gain muscles, make sure to cut calories to reduce body fat and eat more nutritious food to bulk up and support muscle growth.

Keeping a daily check on your calorie intake as well as managing it well is needed. You can reach out to dieticians and qualified training coaches for better help.

The most crucial macronutrient for developing muscle is dietary protein. Protein and amino acids are top priorities for muscle growth and development. Your regular diet may not always meet your protein requirements. This calls for choosing the best protein powder for men to meet daily goals. We’ll discuss this in detail in the next part. 

You need carbs as they are the primary source of energy. While working out you have to have optimum energy levels for a good and heavy workout session.Before and after a vigorous sweat workout, fueling up with carbs can swiftly replace energy reserves and encourage even more muscle-building potential.

Talking about dietary fats, they don’t have much role to play directly in muscle-gaining but are surely needed for a healthy immune system and hence a healthy body. So make sure you include healthy dietary fats like olive oil, avocado, chia seeds, and nuts in your diet.

Remember, your muscle-gaining efforts will go in vain if you do not feed your body what it requires- this includes both a healthy nutrient-rich diet and the best protein powder for weight gain for males.


Taking the right protein powder for men is essential to your muscle gain journey. 

Weight gain powder for men is available in huge varieties and people have a vast range to choose from. This can confuse many and a few can even end up taking the wrong protein powder for men.

You need to keep the points mentioned below in mind while choosing the weight gain protein powder for males.

  1. Formulation: Make sure the protein powder for men provides adequate amounts of protein as well as BCAA (branched-chain amino acids).
  2. Quality: The best protein powder for men is one which is clean and has no fillers, or preservatives.
  3. The protein powder for men you choose should also be free of artificial sweeteners and have zero sugar.
  4. Taste: Taste matters to all! If your protein powder doesn’t have that appealing taste, you might try to skip it on some days. And who said healthy food isn’t tasty? Protein powders for men in the market are available in various flavour options. 
  5. Cost: India is a cost-sensitive market. “Protein powder for men price” is quite a thing people think on and about before making a purchase. And so, choose the best protein powder for men available at the best price. 
  6. Additional benefits: Nothing great like a protein powder for men that provides some additional health benefits.

Keeping these above things a priority while choosing protein powder for men, the best option we recommend to you is OZiva Protein and Herbs for Men.

Keep reading and you’ll know why we recommend OZiva Protein and Herbs for Men.

OZiva Protein and Herbs for Men is composed of 4 Key Blends: Clean Protein Blend, Stamina and Energy Blend, Recovery Blend, and Digestive Blend.

Clean Protein Blend: OZiva Protein and Herbs for Men contains 23 grams of Whey Protein. This 23 grams of whey protein is cold processed and ultra filtered whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. This special formula supports muscle building, provides optimum nourishment to the muscles and also works to prevent muscle loss.

Stamina & Energy Blend: This protein powder for men has Ashwagandha, Brahmi and Musli- three potent ingredients serving the best benefits! Ashwagandha helps increase vitality, energy, endurance and stamina. Brahmi helps reduce fatigue. Musli helps boost endurance. 

Recovery Blend: This weight gain protein powder for males has 5.5 grams of BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) that helps to decrease muscle soreness, reduce exercise fatigue, prevent muscle wasting as well as support muscle growth. Ginseng helps in reducing muscle damage and decreases soreness. Moringa aids in faster recovery, increase muscle energy and assists in protein synthesis.

Digestive Blend: OZiva Protein and Herbs for Men– also has Wheatgrass, Chlorella and Papain in its composition that aids in smooth and healthy digestion.

Talking about additional benefits, OZiva Protein and Herbs for Men also provides essential multivitamins and minerals. 


OZiva Protein and Herbs for Men is 100% Certified Clean by the US Clean Label Project. It has no preservatives or added sugar and so you need not give second thoughts before consuming this protein powder for men.

And the yummy part now. This protein powder for men is available in 3 exciting flavours: Chocolate, Cafe Mocha, and Banana Caramel.

Hence, why settle for less when you can get the best?

Plus, thousands of customers have been using it and love the way this best protein powder for men is helping them in their fitness journey. No other thing can be as assuring as people who have tried it and have seen the results right?

Don’t wait to start your muscle gain journey and also to have your hands on the best protein powder for men. Click here to buy it right away!










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