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Whether it is bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts, people who take care of their fitness are constantly looking at ways to improve their overall diet’s nutrition quotient. Protein is one such nutrient that is constantly being worked upon.

However, trying to get enough protein on a daily basis can prove to be a little heavy on the wallet since most traditional sourced of protein are not always cheap.  Trying out alternatives that are most likely to not wreck your wallet while also being healthy are one way to meet your daily protein needs.


Here are some easily available best and feasible protein sources that you can count on:

  • Greek yogurt: it has more amount of protein content as compared to normal yogurt and therefore is a good source of protein. Giving about 10 gm of protein per 100 gm., it is a great option to add to your salads, dips, smoothies or even snacks. Being a slow digesting protein, at rest the body utilizes the protein released by it overtime at a steady rate to help repair and replace muscles. Another added benefit is that it is a probiotic, which means it helps in the preservation and growth of the gut flora.


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  • Peanut butter: Just a tablespoon of this nut butter delight provides about 10 gm. of protein along with healthy fats. For those who are not much fond of eating eggs or yogurt can bank on peanut butter for both, taste as well as nutrition.


  • Paneer/ Cottage cheese: the most widely used source of protein in India, especially among vegetarians, cottage cheese gives a little over 10 gm. of protein per 100 gm. serving. Use it as you want, whether in a salad, gravy, sandwich or eat it by itself, this is another slow digesting casein protein source that leads to a steady release of protein throughout the day (or night if taken close to bed time.) and helps in muscle protein synthesis overtime.


  • Whey protein: Acquired during the cheese-making process, the whey amounts to at least 20% of the total milk protein. The most important reason why whey is the best source of protein is because it has a complete amino acid profile with the BCAAs in highest quantity. This works wonders on muscles as BCAAs are the very fuel for muscle synthesis and build up. Other than that, it is rapidly absorbed into the body and serves as a great post workout option. While not all whey protein available are too easy on the pocket, Indian based OZiva’s product Protein & Herbs is priced reasonably, has whey protein as its primary source of protein and gives a grand 31 gm. protein (and 6 gm. BCAA) per serving.


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Some of the other options of protein sources include hemp seeds, nuts, pea protein eggs, lean meats and fatty fishes. Balancing the protein intake along with the other macronutrients is always important to maintain a balance in nutrient intake and achieving the desired weight results.

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