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A keto diet is based on a high fat, moderate protein and low carb basis. The main goal of this diet it to put you into a state of ketosis. Ketosis is when your body’s glucose levels are lowered enough to burn stored fat which is released as ketone bodies. These ketone bodies are then used for energy purpose rather than glucose from carbs.

If you are one to be following a keto diet and used to taking protein shake as a part of your daily regime, then you may want to settle for a low carb based protein shake.

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What are the major points of consideration that you need to keep in mind when buying a protein shake for keto diet? Find out ahead:

  • Protein ingredient:

First and foremost, ensure that you are getting protein from an optimum source like whey, which will help you with rapid refueling and muscle recovery and gains. On a keto diet, you will need to a moderate amount of protein in your diet. If you consume too little, you may not have the sufficient fuel for optimum replenishment and if you have a higher amount of protein, then this excess protein will end up getting converted into glucose buy the liver, which ultimately will interfere with the ketosis process. That is why, it is essential to maintain the protein intake at moderate levels, that is no more than 20% of total caloric intake should be from protein.


  • Carbohydrate:


It is mandatory to always check the nutrition label on a product. Moreso, if you are looking for specifications on a protein powder, like low carb levels for the protein shake to be suitable on a keto diet. When looking for a low carb protein shake, make sure that the carb levels do not exceed more than 3-5 gm. per serving. As long as your carb consumption is 50-80 gm. per day, you will be in a maintained state of ketosis.

  • Fat:

Most protein shakes are low in fat content. However, on a keto diet, you need to eat fat (healthy kind!) to burn more fat. Since protein shakes contain less fat, you can increase the fat content of your shakes by adding nut butter, cream or coconut oil to them during preparation.  

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Takeaway note:

Ketogenic diets differ from person to person based on their goals and requirements. The kind of ketogenic diet that people who want to shed weight follow is a whole lot different in terms of macronutrient distribution as compared to the medically designed keto diets for therapeutic purposes. In essence,  you now know what will and what probably won’t put you out of ketosis and that is what you need to check for in a protein powder.

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