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Pea Protein What is Whey Protein?

Whey protein is the protein derived from milk. Whey is the liquid that is left behind when the milk is curdled and is a byproduct of cheese. The protein is then isolated from whey to form whey protein. It is widely available and a popular supplement of protein.

What is Pea Protein?

Pea protein is a plant based protein which is derived from the yellow pea. It has been growing in popularity especially as a replacement to Soy protein, since most soy plants are genetically engineered and cause a lot of allergies. Pea protein is popular among people who are vegan. 

Benefits of Pea Protein

Pea protein offers several benefits especially because it is gluten free and dairy free.

Weight Loss

Pea protein is lower in calories than whey protein. They also contain very little fat and are a source of high protein. Due to this it promotes fat loss and better cardiovascular functions


Pea protein is a plant based protein and is therefore dairy free, making it a vegan source of protein, like soy. These days people are migrating from soy protein to pea protein because most of the soy plants are genetically engineered and can cause allergic reactions.

Easy to digest

Pea protein is very easy to digest as it contains a high amount of fibre and also promotes easy elimination of food while cleaning out the colon. 

Not Allergic

This is the primary reason that pea protein has gotten popular as it is not allergic like soy protein and is also dairy free so people who are lactose intolerant or vegan can consume it.

Suppresses Appetite

The stomach secretes ghrelin when it’s empty to tell your brain that you’re hungry. Pea protein produces a great number of peptides that delay the emptying of your stomach and secretion of ghrelin.

Benefits of Whey Protein

Better nutrition

Whey protein has a better nutritional profile than pea protein. It is rich in potassium and calcium which promotes bone growth. It is gives more energy than pea protein.

Provides energy

Whey protein is ideal when consumed 90 minutes before workout as it gives energy during workout. It is also easily breakable by our body to provide energy and to repair and restore damaged muscle fibres. It provides more energy than pea protein.

Best for weight loss

Whey protein is good for weight loss as it helps building lean muscle mass which increases metabolism and helps in burning fat.

Keeps you full

Whey protein keeps you full as it suppresses the production of ghrelin, the hormone that tells your brain that you are hungry

Helps fight Diabetes

Whey protein helps fight type 2 diabetes as it increases insulin production and sensitivity.

Whey Protein Vs Pea Protein

Both whey protein and pea protein have their advantages and both of the are gluten free.. For example for a vegan or a lactose intolerant person, pea protein would be the obvious choice. However if you are not vegan or lactose intolerant then whey protein is a better choice as it has a better nutritional profile.

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