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Getting ready for the day is not a simple job. The first task comes with selecting an outfit that looks good when put together by selecting the right clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. It is then followed by styling up your hair or putting on makeup. Making hair would not take long if it is smooth and silky, but if it’s frizzy then it gets difficult to tame it in time.

Meet Gaganpreet Anand. She is a fashion and beauty blogger who helps people with different looks and makeup styles. She is very creative and has many look books, fashion hauls and makeup tutorials, which have helped many women. In this video she shares how she maintains her long gorgeous hair by regularly conditioning, oiling, staying hydrated, changing shampoos and using OZiva Protein & Herbs.

She consumes OZiva Protein and Herbs every day for breakfast with milk as protein is good for the hair as it helps produce keratin which is fundamental for the hair structure. She prefers OZiva products over others as it has ayurvedic herbs mixed in it.

At OZiva, we love to share with you Real Stories of Real People who have included OZiva in their daily lives. Gaganpreet is not just a fashion blogger but an exceptional beauty guru who has helped many women to feel better about themselves by living a healthy and fashionable lifestyle.

Big thanks to Gaganpreet for sharing her story with us! Get a free personalized diet for yourself!

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