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Ageing is a gradual, ever-going process of natural change that begins in early childhood. Right from birth till death, a person never stops ageing.

In today’s world, everyone desires to have that perpetual glow on the skin and seeks to avoid the signs of ageing. To achieve optimum results in this, people take a myriad of anti-ageing supplements for the skin. But is it really making a difference and achieving those desired results?

Read on till the end to uncover all the signs of ageing that you need to watch out for, why they happen, and how to slow them down. 

What Are the Signs of Ageing?

Different types of facial skin process different signs of ageing. Considering all the likelihoods, there are a total of four major signs of ageing, which include:

  • Sunspots – Sunspots, also referred to as age spots or liver spots, are the first visible signs of ageing. They are primarily caused due to years of exposure to the sun. 
  • Dry or itchy skin – Once you enter your 30s, the skin starts to lose moisture. Consequently, it is prone to dryness or flakiness. Dehydration is one of the major reasons for dry or itchy skin. 
  • Wrinkles or sagging – As you age, the skin decompresses its production of collagen (the protein that confers your skin its shape). Thus, with less collagen in the skin, it’s easier for visible wrinkles and sagging to appear. 
  • Gaunt skin – The gaunt skin is the thinning of the top-most layer of the skin. As a result, your skin starts to appear more veiny and thin as the top-most layer continues to thin. 

Causes of Ageing

There are tons of components that have a direct influence on how promptly ageing signs appear on the skin. Below mentioned are some of the major causes of ageing: 

  • Stress – Due to stress, ageing signs start appearing very soon. It accelerates the inflammatory response (ageing hormones) in the body. Hence, stress hormones can age the body quickly. 
  • Smoking – Smoking triggers the stress hormones in the body, resulting in rapid signs of ageing. 
  • Sun exposure – Exposure to the sun over the years damages the DNA in the skin cells. This, in turn, causes wrinkles and sunspots. 
  • Genes – Due to some genetic conditions, you may encounter early signs of ageing, such as wrinkles, dry skin, or white hair. This typical genetic condition is known as progeria. 
  • Sleep habits – Sleep furnishes your body with a relief to stimulate and regenerate cells. If your sleep cycle gets disturbed, you may begin observing the ageing signs on your skin. 
  • Diet – A proper diet can help you avoid all the signs of ageing, even after the 30s or 40s. However, eating a sugar-rich diet can damage the skin over time.  

How to ensure the skin does not age faster

Once you start to detect the signs of ageing, you can take some measures to prevent it. However, doing so requires you to nourish your skin from the inside out. Here are a few steps that you may take to ensure your skin does not age faster: 

  • Shift your diet to a clean and plant-based one – Have a proper plant-based meal and avoid a sugar-rich diet. This will help prevent the signs of ageing and provide clean and fresh skin. 
  • Choose the right supplement– Supplement your body with due care and proper understanding. To reduce pigmentation and inhibit melanin, you may opt for the OZiva Youth Elixir Serum. It is an incredible product that promotes healthy skin. For a more thorough understanding of what to do, consult a skin care specialist.
  • Consume the right Collagen Builder– Facing a problem in choosing the right Collagen Builder? Well, we have a solution for it. We suggest you try OZiva Collagen Builder. It is made from over 21 real, nutritious, plant-based whole ingredients. These help support the body’s collagen production and promote healthier skin. 
  • Go for an OZiva 3 Months Anti-Ageing routine for inside and out nourishment of the skin: This would help furnish complete nourishment from the inside out in just 2 simple steps. It not only helps maintain the elasticity of the skin but also accelerates the production of collagen. 

How to Slow Down the Ageing

OZiva Daily Anti-Ageing Routine

Focus on the importance of inside and out nourishment for your skin for a holistic skin glow.

Step 1: Drink 2 scoops of OZiva Collagen Builder regularly in 150ml water. 

Importance- OZiva Plant Based Collagen Builder contains 10 pro-collagen, 8 anti-ageing, superfoods, and 3 standardised wholefood vitamin extracts. This Collagen Builder procures 10X Collagen Synthesis*. This  anti-ageing product from Oziva is clinically proven!

Step 2: Use the Youth Elixir Face Serum on the face and pat them into the skin.

Importance –  This carefully devised routine planned by expert nutritionists keeps your facial skin hydrated and avoids dryness or itchy skin. As a result, it renders clean and clear skin with reduced spots and blemishes. Furthermore, if you apply the serum regularly, it may lessen wrinkles by up to 50%^. 


*Based on scientific studies on plant-based Collagen Builder ingredient

^Based on clinically proven ingredient in product


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