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The Sun is out in all its glory but are you still struggling to get that summer body to complete the look?  While you may be trying hard to figure out everything under the sun that will help you get that look, I can assure you, there’s no better way than going at it in a scientific way.

You get the results to stay longer plus you will form healthy eating habits as well!

Here is a quick guide to ease up your way to an abs-o-pec-inglutely beautiful bod.

First things first:

The rule is simple. Want visible abs? Time to bid good-bye to the cushioning your body has been enjoying! While it may be easier for most people than others to lose fat (thanks to awesome genes!), you really need to ramp up the exercise routine to lose fat, burn more calories/ eat less. The ideal body fat% level that is needed by men to have visible abs is between 6-10% while for women, it is 12-15%.


Abs aren’t all made in the gym. As much effort is required to put in physically at the gym, equal contribution should be coming in from the kitchen too. While you can workout all you want, you will not be able to go for spot reduction. Since fat when lost, is reduced from all over the body equally, you will need to watch the caloric intake and burn more.

Don’t shy away from whey:

While we all know by now that Whey helps build muscle, what we need to also laud whey is for its fat reduction properties.

The higher content of leucine (BCAA) in Whey facilitated fat oxidation in the body while upregulating muscle protein synthesis and its build-up.

As per a study presented in the FASEB journal, people with higher fat% given whey protein as compared to plant protein showed better results with significant amount of fat loss over time.

Additionally, Whey protein is known for improving the satiety. This means you eat less frequently and will feel less hungry. Thereby, naturally eating fewer calories.

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Balance the micronutrients:

When it comes to the intake of macronutrients, you might want to adjust the breadown of carbs, protein and fat intake throughout the day. One way to design your meals could be around this particular division:

  • 0-1.2 gm of protein/ day
  • 25% of total calories from fat
  • 50% or the remainder of calories from carbohydrates

This will ensure an overall caloric balance enough to stimulate fat loss, sufficient protein to facilitate muscle recovery and maintenance and right amount of carbs to keep your hormonal balance and mood in check in addition to improving your performance.

And don’t forget to load up on good fat. While you will be putting a limit to it, ensure that all the fat you get is healthy from sources like flax seeds, olive oil, fatty fishes, omega 3 rich nut like walnuts. Omega 3 is known to maintain a healthy heart, hair, skin, reduces the adipose tissue character especially in the abdomen area. Also, studies support the findings that omega 3 fat helps in fat oxidation leading to a lower fat%.

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Kick the booze and junk. Have you ever come across someone who also maintains great abs and indulges in booze fest too? If you are sincere about your quest, you would answer that question truthfully.

A single gram of alcohol gives you 7 calories straight. Now imagine if you chug the entire beer jug, what it is going to do your tummy dearest! Besides, not only does it come in the way of your nutrition by ravaging on all the important vitamins and minerals but also prevents fat oxidation by further fuelling fat storage.

As far as snacking on junk is concerned, many fall prey to the thinking, “Oh I do workout, so if I help myself to a serving of vada-pav, it won’t really affect my results because all that workout is supposed to make up, right?” Wrong. Please say no to calories coming from beer and burgers and focus on getting good calories that will make you feel proud about them.

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