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Meal replacement shakes have been around for far longer than we can imagine. Although they have been marketed to help with weight loss, there are still several people who have used these shakes, subscription period after subscription period but haven’t really found a solution that has stuck with them for longer than a few months.

Just like you weigh several pros and cons before making any huge lifestyle changes, you need to make similar decision with regard to choosing a food supplement.


For whom are meal replacement shakes more ideal?

Everyone who is constantly on the go, have hectic schedules to take care of and get very little or no time to cook a wholesome meal or even to eat a proper meal- are the ones for whom a meal replacement shake is most well suited for. More often than not, you will also find these are generally the set of people who also tend to suffer from weighty issues and it all fits! If you are in the habit of skipping meals more than once, it will not only drive you to settle for junk food when hunger strikes but also throws your metabolism completely out of whack.

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Why go for a meal replacement shake?

Compared to preparing a meal and eating it, a meal replacement shake only takes so long for preparation and you can consume it while on the go! Another reason to go for a meal replacement shake is the reason it will give you a controlled amount of calories per serving along with a bunch of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients.

Which ones are worth trying?

Set your priorities right, check the label, check the ingredients and their source and check for the presence of any allergens. The role of a meal replacement shake is to help you keep satiated for long while fulfilling its duty of helping you receive all the nutrients that you should from a balanced diet.

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The nutrition market is hustling with several products- some have been around for years and some are newly introduced. However, the best way to tell the best ones apart is by checking out the ingredients used. India being a country with carbs covering most staples, our diets tend to lack in good quality protein. This need for protein or its lack of, rather, is what must be taken care of. Go for the meal replacement shakes that provide high quality class-1 protein like whey as a primary source of protein than plant sources.  Secondly, aim for a higher quantity of protein content in the product; Protein is one of the most important nutrient that the body needs to burn fat, tone body and improve hair and skin quality apart from keeping you healthy and happy in the long run.

And lastly, check for the presence of involvement of any ingredients that are used to fortify or add benefits to a product such as micronutrients (vitamins, minerals), healthy fat like omega 3 fatty acid and ayurvedic herbs that, along with the whey, help in improving your overall health and wellbeing.

When used in combination with natural foods, meal replacement shakes can be an effective tool for weight loss. Adding natural foods can ensure that the body gets the needed nutrients every day. It is important however, that dieters check the nutritional value of the shakes before they begin using them.

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