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Simply put, fat loss requires a negative energy balance that is created by taking in fewer calories than you burn. By creating a calorie deficit in this and increasing your overall protein intake your fat% levels drop, muscles are toned and your stamina increases.

But what role does protein have in helping your belly shrink?

Reducing the calorie intake is only one part done to help lose weight. Apart from exercising daily, including whey protein in your diet is what sets the process of fat-burning in motion. According to studies conducted on experimental groups of those who consumed whey and groups of those who did not take whey for over a period of 3 months, the researchers concluded that whey has a role in sustainable weight loss as it helps in building and retaining muscle mass which in turn upregulates the metabolism. Whey as compared to other types of protein is higher in terms of Biological Value, has a complete amino acid profile and has the highest amount of BCAA especially leucine as leucine has dual role- it helps in fueling muscles and repairing them and also increases the fat oxidation level (fat burning).

Also, the fact that protein has a high thermic effect, i.e., it requires more calories to digest protein and thereby causing more caloric burn, helps. Getting at least 10-12% of calories from protein is good enough to help you reduce fat% and replace it with lean muscle mass.

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Protein shakes are the most convenient way to increase your daily protein consumption. This helps boost fat loss especially from around your girth, increase stamina, improve hair and skin health. And essentially, being slow digested nutrient, protein either from food or shakes helps you maintain your weight at a low as it keeps you full for longer. This prevents you from overating at meals as well as keeps away untimely cravings where you are more than likely to reach for something unhealthy.

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The RDA for protein in healthy adults ranges between 0.8-1.0 gm./ kg. Body weight per day. This is the protein RDA that is precise to meet the protein requirement of the major population. However, for individuals who have a higher activity level, their protein intake can range from 1.2-1. gm. of protein/ kg body weight/ day.

According to the ISSN study, a diet high in protein as compared to basic RDA level of protein has substantially better evidence for improvement in the body composition especially when such diets are taken in combination with exercising on a regular basis.

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