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Green CoffeeThere has been an increasing demand these days for supplements that aid in weight loss. The most demanded supplement for weight loss todays is green coffee. However there are a few things you need to know before you dedicate yourself to it

What is green coffee?

Green Coffee are unroasted coffee beans. They are different from regular coffee as they contain chlorogenic acid which is lost when coffee is roasted. This chlorogenic acid is said to be the main reason for weight loss.

How It Works

The caffeine in the green coffee is said to show increase in the metabolic rate, however the chlorogenic acid is the main component which can cause weight loss.

Study has shown that chlorogenic acid reduces the carbohydrate absorption rate and hence keeps the insulin and blood sugar levels normal. In a study on rats it lead to a decrease in body weight and improvement in fat burning hormone.

A study on humans showed that those who consumed green coffee for 12 weeks had lost around 5.4kg

Benefits of Green Coffee

Apart from weight loss, green coffee has said to have other benefits like

Reduction Of Glucose Absorption

This can lead to reduction in blood glucose levels and prevent type two diabetes

Positive Effect on Blood Vessels

It has said to have a positive effect on the blood vessels. It also lowers the blood pressure and prevents heart diseases.


One must tread with caution while buying green coffee as there are many sellers who cheat their customers.

Always buy from a trusted source.

Remember that green coffee can have side effects like headache, urinary tract infection, anxiety and diarrhea.

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers must not consume green coffee

Children must not consume green coffee

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