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Cheese CrackerWe often don’t find the time to have our meals, especially when we are busy with our work and have other important things to do. Eating healthy just skips our mind! However with these on the go quick protein snacks will help you reach your daily protein intake.

Veggies with Dip

Veggies are not high in protein, but one can eat them with a dip like chickpea hummus or yogurt. Take some carrots, celery sticks and cucumbers and try it with these dips.

Peanut Butter Snacks

A normal peanut butter sandwich is good for health but since the breads are highly refined, you can replace it with fruits like apple! Cut up two thin slices of an apple and put in some peanut butter between it. It is not only a healthy choice but also delicious to eat

Energy bites

Energy bites are the best when you are really in a hurry and also need some energy! Mix in some oats, peanut butter (or any nut butter of your choice) with some cocoa powder and seeds like flax seeds. Mix it well and roll them into tiny balls

Cheese and Crackers

The most loved snack by everyone is cheese and crackers. Add in some fruit with the crackers like grapes, apples, etc to make it even more healthy. You can also add in some basil leaves and tomatoes to your crackers. Cheese is a very good source of protein.

Mixed Nuts

Mixed nuts are very delicious to eat and also contain good fats with some protein. Here is a recipe of a delicious trail mix which you cannot resist at any cost.

Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are the easiest to make when you have no time to prepare for an on the go snack. OZiva Protein & Herbs gives you 22 grams of protein in a 30 gram serving. Just mix one scoop with milk or water.

Add OZIVA Protein & Herbs Shake to Your Diet if your diet is lacking in proteins.


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