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PratikshaPratiksha Bhojwani from Nagpur, doesn’t believe in the impossible. Many times we find ourselves at an impasse and have no solution for the problem. We might either wait for the difficult time to pass or seek help of others. Pratiksha believes that if new solutions cannot be found, they can be created.

About Pratiksha
Pratiksha Bhojwani, a Nagpurkar, believes that having the right attitude makes a great different. She loves challenges and faces them headstrong. She believes that life has its ups and downs, triumphs and disasters, but we shouldn’t change our attitude or our true selves with these changing circumstances.

Her Strengths
There is nothing that Pratiksha cannot do. Her positive attitude and determination are her biggest strengths. She adds that if she believes she CAN do something, she does it no matter how difficult it is. She believes in herself, in her work and her values. She always strives to be the best and aims for perfection.

Her Weaknesses
Pratiksha’s takes on her weaknesses is quite different. She says that there is no word as “weakness” for her. Instead, this optimist believes, they are areas where there is scope of improvement. She works hard on them, delivers perfection and challenges herself to do better, be better.

How Does She Stay Fit?
To stay fit, she goes for Zumba and yoga classes. She has OZiva shakes after her workout so her energy is recovered, her muscles are repaired and she has energy to stay active throughout the day.

Her Message To Everyone
Pratiksha’s message to everyone is to stay fit and healthy. Make fitness a way of lifestyle. She says that everyone must try and workout everyday to stay healthy. She also shares that people must believe in themselves and keep trying their best.

Pratiksha is truly an inspiration to us all. At OZiva loves to bring you such Real stories of Real people who have included OZiva in their daily lives.

Thank you Pratiksha for sharing your story with us. It motivates all of us to work with determination and to never give up.

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