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What is Zinc?

Zinc is one of the important yet overlooked minerals that is required in our body. It is an essential micronutrient that acts as a catalyst for more than 100 enzymes. From aiding the formation of proteins to fighting off bacteria & viruses to DNA formation – Zinc is a silent superhero of sorts. Let’s look at some of its functions in detail.

Importance of Zinc in the Human Body:

Zinc for Immunity: Zinc enhances immunity and helps in wound healing. It plays a vital role in the development of immune-function cells. It also acts as an antiviral agent and is often used in the treatment of viral infections that include herpes, coronavirus, etc.
Zinc as an Anti-Inflammatory Agent: Zinc reduces oxidative stress and helps in decreasing the levels of specific inflammatory proteins in your body.
Zinc for Acne: Zinc helps in reducing acne by decreasing inflammation, inhibiting the growth of P. acnes bacteria and suppressing the activity of the oil glands.

Sources of Zinc

Plant-based sources of zinc are beans, nuts, and whole grains. Since vegetarians and vegans have a scarce choice of zinc supply, they often incorporate zinc supplements into their food intake. While taking supplements, it’s important to remember that their absorption is more important rather than just consumption. Plant-based zinc supplements by OZiva have more bioavailability and hence are more readily absorbed in the body than regular supplements available in the market.

How to consume Zinc

Zinc is often consumed with Vitamin C as they have a synergistic effect. Avoid consuming them with high-dose calcium supplements or black coffee as that reduces absorption. It is best to opt for a clean, plant-based supplement like OZiva’s Bettr. Zinc+ is safe, clinically-tested and gets absorbed better. It should be taken daily at least an hour before or two hours after meals.

Zinc Deficiency: What can happen?

The deficiency of zinc can be more harmful than one might think. It can cause health issues like diarrhea, increased acne, delayed wound healing, skin ulcers, weight and hair loss to name a few. Apart from these it can also cause an abnormal sense of taste or smell, difficulty in concentrating and sexual dysfunction.

 The Takeaway!
Zinc, although required in a micro quantity, is extremely essential for our body. The easiest way to make it a part of our nutrition is through diet and supplements. And, although we all love our cup of coffee, keep a gap of a few hours between the consumption of the two, so that you can reap its benefits better.

Written by Nidhi Girijan 
Nidhi is a 20-year old undergrad student who is obsessed with her cat and k-pop.

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