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Hair Fall is something all of us experience and wish to fix. There are numerous reasons for hair fall but the most common cause for hair loss is actually hereditary. Likewise, there are numerous ways to try and battle it as well. In India, home remedies for hair fall are some of the most popular solutions that have even been passed down generations and seem to be effective even today. 

Here are some Indian home remedies to help hair growth

  1. Onion Juice:
    The main reason onion juice is used for hair growth is because it helps in increasing blood supply to hair follicles, which as a result accelerates hair growth. Onion also provides your hair with a supple amount of sulphur which can be used for strengthening and supporting hair. 
  1. Coconut Oil:
    While onion juice focuses on the “fixing” part, Mr. Coconut Oil works to prevent hair from breaking and protects the roots. The lauric acid helps to sustain the protein in the hair and thus retains the hair’s strength and doesn’t let it tear. 
  1. Aloe Vera:
    Another popular remedy – aloe vera – has its reputation for a reason. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties which is why when applied, it can be soothing to a dry and flaky scalp. It acts as a conditioner that nourishes and nurtures your hair from the scalp up and catalyses hair growth. 
  1. Fenugreek Seeds:
    Fenugreek seeds aren’t as frequently used since the results take over a month to show. But they have important hormones and acids like nicotinic acid that help promote hair growth. They are rich in protein that avoid the hair from breaking. The seeds can be soaked overnight, ground into a paste and then applied to the hair.  
  1. Vitamins:
    The important vitamins needed for luscious hair growth are Vitamin E, Vitamin B (Biotin) and more. Vitamin E helps moisturize and hydrate the scalp, Meanwhile, Vitamin B7 or Biotin for hair is amazing as it boosts keratin production. Although it naturally occurs in a lot of the food we consume, it’s deficiency can happen. Clean, plant-based supplements like OZiva’s Biotin can also be ingested separately to combat the deficiency. 

We have trusted these remedies for ages and they show results in varying degrees with different hair types, but the safe bet is it never harms or hurts your hair further, something we can’t trust chemicals for. Hope this article was helpful and do share it further with someone who loves their hair as much as you do! 🙂 

Written by Nidhi Girijan
Nidhi is a 20-year old undergrad student who is obsessed with her cat and k-pop

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