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“Eating protein increases sperm count! Eat more of it, starting today!”
“Eating protein can reduce your sperm count, it’s harmful to you!”

The internet is full of articles supporting both of these statements, and as a reader and a consumer, it’s simply confusing. What is the effect of protein, does it really impact sperm count? Let’s find out.

Foods that increase sperm count

Diet consisting of unprocessed foods, natural plant-based foods is best for increasing sperm count. Consumption of excessively processed foods affects sperm count and motility. Consumption of alcohol and nicotine too, reduces sperm count. Here is a list of 5 unprocessed foods that improve sperm count

1. Spinach

2. Bananas

3. Walnut

4. Pomegranate

5. Zinc-rich foods

How protein affects sperm?

Protein is a basic structure of the body. Protein by itself will not harm your sperm count. In fact, protein is a part of sperm too. It is, however, the kind of protein that you consume that can affect sperm count and vitality.

Processed protein and animal-based protein impact sperm count and volume adversely. The American Diet Association suggests having plant-based protein such as beans and legumes. Other sources of plant-based protein include pea protein, brown rice and hemp. 

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Does whey protein affect sperm?

There are several articles that state whey protein affects testosterone and thus can reduce sperm count. Unless your protein is coupled with a steroid derivative (which in some cases, maybe true), it will not affect your testosterone levels or your body’s ability to produce sperm. Go for a trusted clean source of whey protein like OZiva Protein & Herbs which is further fortified by Ashwagandha, Moringa, etc. If you’re lactose-intolerant or allergic to whey or find it difficult to digest you can opt for OZiva’s Organic Plant Protein instead.

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So should I take protein powders or not?

Essentially protein or protein powders will not affect your sperm count, motility, or volume in any way unless steroids are added to it. Plant-based protein is more preferred, but even clean whey protein doesn’t have any adverse effects.

So go ahead, have your clean protein and that too without any stress!

Written by Bisma Kazi

Bisma loves to watch films and play with her cat. She makes reels on Instagram some times.

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