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Men out there, if you’re reading this, then you’ve chosen to opt for the macronutrient that helps build up your calcium intake, provides you energy and stamina, is great for your bones and muscles, and can help you maintain your weight. Sometimes, it can be difficult to get adequate protein from your diet, so you look elsewhere for protein powders and supplements. And what a world of choices you have there! 

Some protein powders can help you balance your weight, and some can help boost your immunity and stamina. Then there are some that contain whey protein, which rules them out if you are lactose intolerant – but wait – there’s still plant protein! Some protein powders may contain artificial sweeteners, but clean protein also exists, with all its health benefits! 

But with all the choices available, how do you differentiate the good ones from the great ones? Is there a sure-fire way to ensure which one is perfect for you? We’re here to help you find what you’re looking for with our trusty guide! 

If you’re looking for an ideal protein powder for men, here are some pointers for you when you’re browsing the health marketplace:

Try out an organic plant protein

There are effective sources of protein that are suitable for vegetarians as well as vegans. Try an all-natural and organic protein powder for men, with at least 30g of plant protein and added branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) per serving. Look for ingredients like organic pea protein isolate, organic brown rice protein, and organic quinoa for easy digestion and to build lean muscle.

Choose one with a blend of Ayurvedic herbs

Ever wonder whether one supplement could solve all your health concerns in one go, be it weight management issues, maintaining good skin and hair, improving stamina or boosting immunity. Well worry no more! You now have access to the best clean protein powders for men with cold-processed protein that’s ultra-filtered and combined with BCAA. These also contain Ayurvedic extracts like brahmi, chlorella, ashwagandha, moringa, maca and wheatgrass, herbs proven to have healing properties. What’s more, you can also find gluten-free and soy-free blends that are light on the stomach and give quick results.

More Superfoods

The first rule to building a healthy and muscular body is getting all the nutrients your body requires. If you feel your diet lacks green and leafy veggies, and it’s hard to have them on a regular basis, find a superfood-packed protein powder for men that includes alkalising greens like moringa, spirulina and chlorella. These superfoods not only help detoxify your body, but also help you balance your body weight.

Helps Control Blood Sugar

High blood sugar increases your tendency to lose weight quickly. If you’re already underweight and struggling to control your blood sugar, a protein powder that helps you manage both would be an ideal choice. Choose the best protein powder for men that gives you a combination of Ayurvedic extracts and herbs that aids in better digestion, improves blood sugar levels and helps you manage your weight in a better way.

Protein is one of the most important nutrients and should be consumed every day in the right quantities. If you’re looking to create a diet plan to reach your ideal weight, you may require a protein powder that gives you the best in taste and nutrition. And what better choice than OZiva’s range of clean protein powders for men?

OZiva offers several delectable protein powder variants that can not only help you achieve your weight goals, but also resolve any other health concerns. Take advantage of new discounted prices for the best protein powders for weight loss or weight gain for men on OZiva’s website

To enjoy the OZiva protein powders, you can either add them to smoothies, whip up a weight gain shake, sprinkle them on your salads, mix them with your regular chapati dough or simply add them to a glass of water. Ensure you have the protein powders only in recommended quantities and along with a diet plan and regular exercise.


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