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You often see several products being advertised for weight loss because it is one of the most common concerns that people usually face. But if you do your research or conduct even a small study of your own, you’ll find that inadequate weight gain is an equally common issue. However, unfortunately, there aren’t as many solutions available for it. 

If you are someone who is looking for a natural way to gain weight, you’ve come to the right place at the right time, as we’re about to make your life much easier by sharing our list of top four weight gain supplements for men.

Here’s a list of supplements you should consider for your weight goals and why. However, weight loss or weight gain often depends on the calories you consume. If you are consuming a calorie-deficit diet, then you might find yourself losing weight. You might have to try out a calorie-excess diet along with your supplement of choice. 

  • Protein

We are all aware of how crucial protein powder for men’s weight gain and muscle mass is. Protein is essential if you plan to lose some weight. Now you must be thinking, if this nutrient is indispensable for weight loss, how does it help with weight gain? Well, it’s how you consume it that matters. Consuming protein keeps you feeling full, which means you won’t be overeating throughout the day. 

If you have protein without actually following a diet plan, you’re bound to gain weight, which could also be an unhealthy weight gain. Several studies indicate that adults who consume protein powder for men’s weight gain in their diet and exercise tend to gain slightly more muscles than the others who don’t exercise. That’s why you need to follow the right exercise plan with your regular protein intake.

  • Creatine

Creatine is a popular sports supplement and a weight gain powder for men that will increase performance, energy, and muscle gain if consumed regularly. A molecule, creatine is often found in some cells of your body and food sources. As per research, various kinds of creatine are available, but the most effective is creatine monohydrate. With continuous exercise and an effective diet plan, this advanced weight gain supplement for men can help you pace up your speed to reach your ideal weight and body.

  • Citrulline

Citrulline is a performance-increasing weight gain supplement for men that you’ll often find to be the top recommendation by several trainers and sports advisors. It increases blood flow to your body’s tissues and gives you more energy to perform strenuous exercises. Research states that this ingredient could help gain strong muscles over a period of time.

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Gaining weight isn’t a fitness goal that can miraculously be achieved in a given period. To gain weight, you must be patient and persist towards your goal, and follow a strict routine that works well for you.

There are numerous weight gain supplements for men available on the market. However, if you’re new to supplements or want to explore something more natural or plant-based, check out OZiva’s range of protein powders and shakes. They are clean, devoid of gluten, soy and sugar, and contain zero preservatives.

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