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Most people are confused about the role of biotin for hair growth and hair health. However, some experts say that there is not much research that proves the effectiveness of biotin (vitamin B7) pertaining to hair rejuvenation. On the contrary, the market is filled with biotin-based hair products. Which side is right? Actually, both. Yes, there are no major studies that prove the effectiveness of biotin for hair growth, but there are a few studies and findings that prove that biotin can be effective in treating hair loss and, at the same time, enhancing the health, shine, and lustre of your hair.

Best 5 Sources of Biotin for Hair Growth

You can incorporate Biotin into your life through both topical and consumption. Let’s see how you can do it! 

Through consumption


The easiest way of taking biotin for hair growth is through your diet. There are plenty of foods that are rich in vitamin B7. Some of the foods that contain ample amounts of biotin include bananas, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, peanuts, almonds, sweet potatoes, sunflower seeds, cauliflower, milk, cereals, walnuts, mushrooms, avocados, raspberries, etc. Biotin-rich foods should be eaten raw (as much as possible) to be beneficial for hair health. However, Biotin is not naturally produced by the body and is water-soluble, so you must supply it to your body constantly. In that case, Biotin for hair supplements come in handy! 

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Biotin Capsules or Tablets

If you experience heavy hair fall and red rashes on the skin, there is a chance that your body needs more biotin. This can be easily done by taking capsules or tablets that provide biotin for hair growth. These supplements usually come in the form of biotin tablets for hair growth and need to be swallowed before meals for maximum effect. Some of the best biotin tablets for hair growth are available with a dosage of 2000 mcg to 10,000 mcg. You may carry your biotin for hair growth with you anywhere you go, including the gym, at home, and even on trips. The biotin for hair growth capsules is encased in a protective shell. Since biotin capsules often have no taste, you can take biotin for hair growth capsules along with other supplements without worrying about the effects of opposing flavors on your stomach.

Biotin Gummies

While biotin tablets for hair growth are beneficial, swallowing tablets is not everyone’s cup of tea. Biotin gummies are like candies, soft and hence easily chewable. However, the problem with gummies is that most of them are high in sugar. So, if you want to limit your sugar intake, go for those that do not have too much artificial sweeteners. Also, if you are a vegan, go for plant-based gummies and steer clear of gelatin-based biotin for hair growth.

Supplement Powder

Get your biotin dose by consuming a healthy drink made from biotin powder. Biotin for hair growth is also available in the form of powder. This powder has to be consumed by mixing it with water. These drinks not only work to improve the quality of your hair but also your overall health. 

Fizzy Drinks

Several brands also offer fizzy biotin drinks that are not only beneficial but also refreshing. These drinks are usually made from 100% natural, plant-based biotin and can be consumed directly and are a fun way of adding this essential vitamin to your diet for better hair, skin, and nail health and to combat hair fall. 


If you don’t want to consume biotin, then you can apply it! Biotin can be used topically with hair-thickening shampoos, and conditioners, with great effects. 

Hair Products

Another way of including biotin for hair growth is to use hair products that have vitamin B7/biotin as their main ingredients. Biotin-rich products are available in the form of hair oils, shampoos, conditioners, serums, etc. Regular use of these hair care products prevents hair loss, boosts hair growth, and takes care of the general health of your hair.


Why choose plant-based biotin for hair growth?

On the market, you are likely to find both plant-based and synthetic biotin. If you are keen on trying biotin for hair loss, it would be best to go for plant-based products due to the following reasons

  • Plant-based biotin sources have 100 times more biologically active biotin as compared to those made from synthetic sources.
  • These biotin vitamins get absorbed faster in the body.
  • Plant-based biotin for hair growth is safe to use or consume and does not cause any side effects.

Plenty of plant-based sources of the best biotin for hair growth are available in the market, and one of them is OZiva. Check out a wide range of the best biotin products for hair growth (available in fizzy drink, powder, and capsule forms) before making a purchase. Hope you’ve got answers on how you can incorporate biotin for hair growth into your life, why don’t you get started now. 


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