10 Ways I Got My Mom to Start Taking Care of Her Health

Mothers are those rare gems whose value is unknown to even them! That is why they need constant reminding that, along with their families and homes, they need to take care of themselves too. Lately, my mother has not been keeping well. A primary reason being that she works continuously. Age is another factor that […]

Plant-Based Food vs Vegan Food – They Aren’t The Same!

A large number of people, of late, have grown aware of the ill effects of modern agriculture and are choosing to adopt a more ethical and environmentally friendly lifestyle. This has led to the popularity of many plant-based diets, which restrict the usage of animal-derived consumer goods. Not only are these diets free of animal […]

Skin Vitamins That You Need

Have you been wondering why your skin doesn’t look like all those Instagram beauty filters? Is your armamentarium of toners, moisturizers, creams and serums not really doing much of all the wondrous things that they promised? Well, one of the reasons could be the lack of vitamins in your diet. Until your skin is nourished […]

What Is The Best Way To Take Vitamins & Minerals?

There is a lot of talk around the importance of Vitamins. Each vitamin appears to be extremely important and vital to our health. So should we consume all of them, at one go? Not exactly. Should we take them all separately? Well, the right answer lies in understanding dosage and absorption. This helps us to […]

Vegan Omega-3: All You Need To Know

Have the words Omega-3 been splashing around your existence quite often these days? Are you concerned that your plant-based diet isn’t good enough to keep you healthy? Here’s a fact – most plant-based sources are rich in all the essential nutrients and can meet your daily dietary requirements with ease. Omega-3 is one such nutrient […]

Sources of Vitamin D

When we think of Vitamin D, the first word that automatically comes to mind is ‘sun’. As we have all read, exposure to sunlight helps in the production of Vitamin-D in our bodies. But with a pandemic going on, none of us got the opportunity to bask in the sun’s glory, literally speaking. Apart from […]

Is Biotin Good For Hair?

Biotin is the new buzzword in health-town, isn’t it? From powders to capsules, to instant gummies for hair being advertised everywhere, we need to understand is Biotin really good for our hair or is this just a marketing gimmick? Let’s find out. What is Biotin?Let’s first understand what Biotin aka Vitamin B-7 really is. It’s […]

7 Foods That Weaken Your Immune System

As you may already know, the immune system or the body’s cellular defence wards off all the potential infections in the body and keeps it healthy. However, the immune system faces a lot of challenges to maintain its optimum function. A lot of these hurdles come from the consumption of certain food groups. Surprisingly, there […]

Eat Your Way To Thicker And Stronger Hair

Most of us have grown up in awe of the picture-perfect, sleek shiny hair of women on the big screen, swishing left right and centre in all their glory. Something that everyone vies for but most struggle to achieve. From dust and pollution to chemicals and heat, your hair is subjected to a lot of […]

Do Protein Powders Affect Sperm

“Eating protein increases sperm count! Eat more of it, starting today!”“Eating protein can reduce your sperm count, it’s harmful to you!” The internet is full of articles supporting both of these statements, and as a reader and a consumer, it’s simply confusing. What is the effect of protein, does it really impact sperm count? Let’s […]


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