Whey Protein Vs. Plant Protein: What to Choose?

Whey Protein Vs. Plant Protein: What to Choose?

Do you think Whey protein is the only health supplement high in protein? Can you also rely on Plant-based Protein powders? If yes, how efficient are they as compared to Whey? There are a variety of protein powders available in the market, and if you don’t know their ingredients well, it becomes hard to choose […]

The Cold and Flu Fighters Everyone Is Talking About

The Cold and Flu Fighters Everyone Is Talking About

 If you are not aware of it yet, let us tell you. Your immune system is fantastic.  One of the most complex mechanisms in your body, your immune system protects you from many illnesses like sore throat, fever, flu, colds, and many more. Harmful bacteria and germs in your environment can not only make you […]

Benefits of Plant-Based Calcium

Important Benefits of Plant-Based Calcium You Must Know

We know that calcium is essential for teeth and bone health. But did you know it promotes muscle contraction, maintains the normal functioning of nerves, and prevents blood clotting? Calcium is also responsible for triggering the release of certain hormones. Thus, calcium is an essential mineral that helps our body function in a healthy manner.  […]

Plant-based Nutrients

A Guide To Promote Stronger Bones With Plant-based Nutrients

Health is Wealth. Don’t you agree? Nothing matters if health deteriorates and diseases find a new home in your body. Hence, being healthy externally and internally is extremely important. From eating the right kind of food to doing appropriate exercises, all add to a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining bone health also counts. Strong bones are a […]

Relaxation Exercises

Tired of Typing and Working? Here are 3 Relaxation Exercises for Your Hand & Wrist

Ever looked at your hands and imagined everything they do for you? Well, the moment is here now. Appreciate your hands for all the work they do. If your brain comes up with ideas, it’s your hands that execute them. It’s also your hands that type up the presentation that you need to share with […]

Preventing Osteoarthritis For Better Bone Health

A Guide To Preventing Osteoarthritis For Better Bone Health

Our cartilage is like a shield that protects our bones; if it wears away, our bones will rub against each other. The result will be pain, stiffness, and issues while making physical movements. Also, the other tissues near our joints (ligaments, tendons, and muscles) may face the repercussions. And this is what exactly happens in […]

OZiva Hair Vitamins

All About OZiva Hair Vitamins

Healthy hair plays a crucial role in adding that wow factor to your personality. However, with the ever-increasing pollution and stress, it has become common to experience an array of hair problems like hair thinning, roughness, hair fall, and more.  But how do you deal with hair problems and maintain hair health? The answer is […]

Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins & Minerals: Why Do I Need Them?

Vitamins & Minerals are essential nutrients that are important for the proper functioning of the body. They play an important role in our body, and a deficiency or over-consumption may lead to serious illnesses. While a healthy diet is the best way to obtain an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals that you need, they […]

Better Metabolism: Is It The Key To Weight Loss?

“I can’t ever seem to lose weight. I think my metabolism is low.”We have heard and even said this statement ourselves multiple times. We often believe that the tendency to gain or lose weight easily depends on the body’s metabolism. But is that really true?  Before we understand whether it affects our weight, let’s first […]

Why You Shouldn’t Take Calcium Supplements?

Calcium is the primary ingredient for building strong bones. With age, women face a high risk of calcium deficiency and osteoporosis. Thus, for better women’s health, they might require calcium supplements from their late twenties onwards.  Calcium supplements can help in improving bone health. However, the effects of calcium supplements are not entirely positive. While […]


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