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You’ve heard about apple cider vinegar benefits for weight management, reducing belly fat, or lowering blood sugar levels but have you heard about the uses of apple cider vinegar for skin? 

apple cider vinegar benefits

You may or may not have heard, but drinking apple cider vinegar regularly can be very good for your skin! It is actually a common remedy for skin conditions like dryness and eczema. Our skin is naturally acidic in nature. Drinking apple cider vinegar can help balance the natural pH of the skin, and improve the protective skin barrier. 

Let’s discuss more about the use of apple cider vinegar for skin with some examples! Explore all apple cider vinegar benefits as part of your holistic skincare routine. 

Top 5 Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar for Skin

  • May Help Improve Overall Complexion 

Apple cider vinegar naturally has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties. It contains a few ingredients that may help boost the appearance of your skin, giving it a natural flush and glow. 

Most apple cider vinegar products contain small amounts of acetic acid, around 6% of the total content or less. The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar helps improve metabolism in the body, but it also has another use. Acetic acid clears the bacteria in your skin that may cause skin conditions like acne, rosacea, and eczema. 

Apple cider vinegar for skin often also contains alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). AHAs are used in various products to increase the turnover of your skin cells. Studies have also shown that AHAs have the ability to decrease wrinkles and age spots. 

The presence of the citric acetic acid also ensures that apple cider vinegar has the ability to exfoliate your skin, clear blocked pores, and absorb excess oil that leads to skin problems. Giving your skin a much healthier complexion in the process! 

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  • Apple Cider Vinegar as a treatment for acne 

apple cider vinegar

If you have oily skin, you may have been dealing with acne all your life! Acne forms when kertain, the main protein in your skin, builds up in pores and forms a plug (called whiteheads or blackheads). Acne is often extremely irritating and painful, and leads to inflammation across the face. 

Acne can also lead to a feeling of insecurity because it affects the appearance of your skin. While searching for acne treatments, you might come across apple cider vinegar for skin. Apple cider vinegar contains AHAs as explained above. AHAs help dissolve the excess keratin in your skin so that the pore that contains your acne can open up and drain. The draining process helps make your pores appear smaller, and also helps improve the appearance of acne. 

Acne mostly affects the top layer of your skin (also known as the epidermis). You might think you could get rid of it using an anti-acne face wash or serum, but unless you choose a 100% clean beauty product that is very gentle to your skin, you could be stripping away the top layer of your skin. This can cause irritation, skin dryness and peeling. 

Apple cider vinegar could be a holistic, healthy and safe option for you to treat your acne. Do not choose to apply your apple cider vinegar for skin topically. Instead, drinking it through products like OZiva Apple Cider Vinegar Fizzy Drink Mix can help produce results holistically in around 3 months of regular consumption. 

If you have naturally oily skin (and that is when you are most prone to acne), then the uses of apple cider vinegar for skin are the most effective. Consume it freely without any worry, and watch it act as a powerful treatment for your acne! 

  • Apple Cider Vinegar is a Great Skin Healer in General 

Other than acne, the uses of apple cider vinegar for skin conditions are strong. Apple cider vinegar can also help clear and reduce the effects of eczema or psoriasis. When you have eczema, it means that your skin barrier has broken down or is not strong enough to keep away bacteria, fungus or other organisms. This means that you are at high risk for infections and being prone to skin damage. That can often be very difficult for you to navigate, so you need to have a natural treatment.

That’s where apple cider vinegar comes in! Drinking small amounts of diluted apple cider vinegar can help get rid of the bacteria that is causing your eczema or psoriasis. 

One of the other apple cider vinegar benefits is that it can help improve blood circulation in your skin. It also helps strengthen your skin barrier and gives it strong antibacterial properties. Apple cider vinegar for skin can do this because it balances the natural pH of your skin.

That means that your skin barrier has a chance to rebuild and grow stronger than before, and also becomes a fortress against diseases like eczema, inflammation or psoriasis. 

Psoriasis is a condition that affects around 37% of all adults. It is extremely common. Apple cider vinegar has strong antiseptic properties. As a result, it can alleviate the irritation caused by this disease. Ensure that you drink the apple cider vinegar directly and do not apply it to your skin. 

If you have open wounds or cracked skin due to any disease, do not apply apple cider vinegar directly to the affected spot as it can lead to burning and irritation. Trying out a product like OZiva Apple Cider Vinegar Fizzy Drink Mix is the best way to use apple cider vinegar for skin. 

  •  May Improve Body Odour in General 

One of the most important (and underrated) aspects of skin health is body odour, or how your skin smells. We’re so obsessed with making sure our skin looks great, but we have to make sure it smells great too! 

Apple cider vinegar for skin naturally helps improve your body odour and helps you fight off problems such as smelly feet or even the smell that comes after rubbing your ears and nose (especially if you have oily skin). 

This is because apple cider vinegar has the ability to alter the pH of your skin and bring back its balance. This drop in pH prevents the growth of foul bacteria that cause your body odour. 

Bacteria in your skin can often be the reason for body odour. When it comes in contact with sweat, this mix of salt, water and fat can lead to a bad or unpleasant body odour. You may not be able to smell it, but the others around you will be able to! 

Areas which are unpleasant for body odour include your armpits, which is where sweat collects the most through your clothes. Apple cider vinegar for skin helps close these pores, and reduces the production of sweat so you do not experience that unpleasant smell and sensation! 

All you have to do is drink apple cider vinegar for a regular period of around 2-3 months and you will see this benefit. There are other products that claim to help reduce body odour, but they are all chemical and can damage your skin. 

Apple cider vinegar for skin is a 100% natural product that can create an inhospitable environment for bacteria and other toxic microbes without any adverse effects. Try it out and see! 

  • Gets Rid of Dandruff on Your Scalp 

Skin health and hair health are almost directly connected. One of the main uses of apple cider vinegar for skin is that it helps get rid of dandruff on your scalp. Dandruff happens when your scalp turns dry and flaky. It is your body’s inflammatory response to the high levels of yeast growing on your scalp. You can see it in small white flakes falling on your skin. It is unpleasant and leads to you often scratching your scalp. It also worsens the overall health of your hair. 

Apple cider vinegar helps improve the pH balance of your scalp. It also helps lower the amount of yeast present on your scalp. Just like improving skin pH leads to the rebuilding of your skin barrier to grow stronger and gives it anti-bacterial properties, it works the same way for your hair.

Your hair has a natural pH as well, and apple cider vinegar helps rebuild its balance. It strengthens your hair follicles from within and gives your hair strong antiseptic and antibacterial properties. That means even if your hair is exposed to dust or grime, it can protect itself from acquiring dandruff. 

Some people choose to apply apple cider vinegar for skin topically by trying out shampoos that contain apple cider vinegar. While you can do that, it is better to drink apple cider vinegar for a regular period of time to acquire all its other benefits for your skin as well. 

Try it out for your hair and see it growing stronger and healthier than before, within 2 or 3 months of regular usage. 

The Bottom Line Regarding Its Use 

apple cider vinegar benefits

Now that you have read all the apple cider vinegar benefits for skin, it’s time to put it into action. You can try using OZiva Apple Cider Vinegar Fizzy Drink Mix. This fizzy drink contains apple cider vinegar with ZERO added sugar, unlike other drinks in the market. It contains 100% natural apple cider vinegar with 6% acetic acid for maximum benefits. 

Aside from improving skin health, this apple cider vinegar drink also helps manage weight. In addition, it helps reduce cravings and keeps you fuller for longer. It contains less than 3 calories per serve. This apple cider vinegar drink contains no artificial sweeteners, is non-GMO and gluten-free. 

Consume 1 sachet in 150 ml of water before it fizzes out. Consume it 1 hour post your meal to delay the absorption of glucose into your blood. 


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