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When it comes to keto diet, it can get quite difficult to balance out the adequate levels of all the necessary nutrients like protein and fats. This is essential for you to maintain a steady level of energy while you work towards your target goal, especially without your commonly used primary source of fuel (carbs).

This is when protein supplements can work as aids. However, how do you find out what kind of protein powder would you be needing on a keto diet?

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A keto diet refers to a diet pattern that consists of low carbs, a low-moderate amount of protein and high fat. The goal of this diet is to replace the primary source of fuel, carbs, with fat so as to bring about a fat breakdown in the body.

In an otherwise situation, when you consume enough carbs, the body gets its glucose for energy from these carbs while fat gets stored in the body.  However, with a ketogenic diet in practice, the restriction of carbs creates ketosis in the body that enables the body to burn fat for energy instead of glucose.

Once the carb levels are lowered, fat and protein intake has to be increased to fill the nutritional gap. The commonly used macronutrient breakdown in a keto diet is:

  • Carbs: 5-10% of the total calories
  • Protein: 15-25% of the total calories
  • Fat: 60-75% of the total calories

Picking the right protein:

It is important to understand that to maintain ketosis, you have to keep the carb intake at a low. And in a bid to improvise on the protein intake, many people opt for a protein supplement. However, not all protein shakes are created equal. Some protein supplements contain more sugar and this can cause discord in your diet.  So what kind of points you need to take into consideration when buying protein?

    • Low-carb. : the most important part about protein shakes it is their carb content. Look for the level of carbs per serving and settle for 5 gm. or less of carbs per serving.
    • Good quality protein: Whey protein is not only a class 1 protein that helps you get your daily complete amino acid profile but also are low in carbs and low in calories with the maximum coming from protein. Also, being an easily digestible protein, it serves as a great post-workout or a breakfast shake option. Go for a product that gives 25 or more gm. of protein per serving.
  • Healthy and low caloric: Go for protein powders that do not use filler ingredients like sugar and thickeners that interfere with the nutritional value of the product.  A standard caloric value from a protein shake that you should aim for should be between 125-130 kcals per serving.  This also gives you the window to add in veggies or fruits or pair it up with a meal for a balanced package.

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Takeaway note:

Keto diet can definitely help you by providing health benefits while helping you lose fat and maintain a healthy weight status. But the type of fat, protein and carb you eat is also of importance as it will affect the kind of results you ultimately see.

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