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Protein as we know it, is very much needed to be a part of a healthy meal on a regular basis for its contribution to muscle growth and repair among other benefits on a daily basis. As per RDA, the most basic requirement for protein is 0.8-1.0 gm. protein per kg body weight per day. However, not everyone manages to get the required amount of protein per day easily and often needs to get their protein from a good source like protein supplements or to learn how to make whey protein at home. Whey being one of the best kinds of protein is absorbed and utilized by the body well and much preferred among the people.  While buying ready-made protein powder is one thing, another option you have is to make your own whey protein at home!

While buying ready-made protein powder is one thing, another option you have is to make your own whey protein at home!

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What is whey?

Whey is a byproduct acquired during the processing of cheese or curds. It contains high quality amino acid profile and scores a whopping 104 on the Biological Value chart. While casein protein makes up for the 80% of the total milk protein, whey makes up for the 20% remaining.

Why homemade protein?

Whey made at home is not only inexpensive as compared to the ready-made protein supplements, but also contains a variety of health benefits. What’s more is, you have all the control to add anything additional to the whey.

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How to make whey protein at home

All you need is six steps to learn how to make whey protein at home: 

  • To start with how to make whey protein at home, you will need either of the following dairy products- milk (you may need to curdle it to make whey), buttermilk, curds or yogurt.
  • Over an empty bowl, place a strainer.
  • Line the strainer with a clean, thin muslin cloth or malmal cloth piece.
  • Pour the curd (or any other dairy product that you prefer) over the muslin cloth and close the cloth in.
  • While this sits in the container, cover the muslin cloth with a cling wrap and keep it refrigerated overnight or for 6+ hours.
  • Next morning, take out the curd that has been sitting in the muslin all night. What you find remaining in the cloth is called yogurt cheese or completely strained curd. And in the container, the liquid you find separated is what whey is.
  • You can use this liquid whey either in your shakes/ smoothies or soups or as a part of broth or gravy.
  • Additionally, if you want to store it as powder form, you can boil down the remnant liquid or whey liquid until it turns a dark yellow or brown hue. Spread this out evenly on a flat surface square pan or baking sheet on a baking paper. Keep it like this overnight to dry off. What you get in the morning will be a brittle form of it which will be a concentrated form of whey. You can then blend it once it is completely dry and you have your whey in powder form! Congratulations! You’ve learned how to make whey protein at home. 

Taste wise, it might not be as great as any other product because it is purely whey protein that you have made at home from scratch. However, it is still going to be healthy and you can incorporate it into fruit smoothies or oats or bake with it!


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