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Recently, in what we can safely say was one of the brand’s proudest moments, OZiva was awarded the prestigious Purity Award by the Clean Label Project. What this means is that OZiva is now the first certified clean nutrition brand in India, which means now we have proof to what we have been saying all along, and that is – what you buy from OZiva is 100% pure and contaminant free! What other nutrition brand in India can give you that guarantee? 

What is the Clean Label Project and What Makes OZiva the Leading Clean Nutrition Brand in India?

Clean Label project or CLP, is a non-profit organisation, based out of the USA. Their main objective is to increase consumer safety by bringing truth and transparency to product labelling. Sounds mysterious? Well to simplify, this means that CLP tests products of various brands in the food and nutrition category to see if their claims about cleanliness are true or not, and only if they are completely contaminant-free do they get their highest award which is the Purity Award.

OZiva’s products have now received the Purity Award, making them the recipients of this highest award by the US CLP – as a result, OZiva qualifies as the leading Clean Nutrition brand in India. 

What does it mean to be clean and how does OZiva qualify as a Clean Nutrition brand in India?

Well, when a brand claims its products are safe for consumption and are clean, this claim implies that the final product is not only free from pesticides, herbicides and other environmental pollutants but also free from industrial pollutants and toxins, which may make their way in during the actual production and packaging phase. Not all nutrition brands in India can claim that. 

20 of OZiva’s products received the Certified Clean label, which means that OZiva qualifies as a Clean Nutrition Brand in India. 

What kind of testing did OZiva go through to get the Purity Award and qualify as a leading Clean Nutrition brand in India?

When OZiva got tested by the US CLP,  the body swept products to look for Pesticide Residues, Heavy Metals, Plastics & Residual Solvents. So OZiva ended up getting tested in total for about 300-400 industrial & environmental pollutants and toxins. In fact, the benchmark of testing was also pretty impressive. In India for example, the general limit against which testing is done is in Parts Per Million (PPM). However, OZiva’s products were tested for contaminants in Parts Per Billion (PPB) – which is a straight-up 1000X stricter parameter, making OZiva a leading Clean Nutrition brand in India. 

We as a brand are very proud that we came through with flying colours on the other side of the CLP Purity Award testing and even happier for the fact that we offer nothing but the highest grade, and the safest plant-based nutrition to you, our consumers in the Indian market today. We are honoured to qualify as a leading Clean Nutrition brand in India. 

To learn more about how we became the first brand to be awarded the purity award by CLP, listen to the conversation below between Mihir Gadani, Co-founder of OZiva and Jackie Bowen, Executive Director of CLP.

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