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Renowned South Cine Star who has been vocal about the benefits of a clean, plant based and holistic lifestyle, will now be a part of OZiva’s mission to empower millions to be healthier, fitter & better.

OZiva, India’s leading clean, plant-based nutrition brand has roped in the noted South Cine Star Samantha Prabhu Akkineni to represent the brand in South India.  Samantha shares similar ideologies as the brand and will further accelerate the brand’s positioning in the clean label market in India.

“Living a Clean and Holistic lifestyle is something that I practice daily. I have seen this shift help create a positive impact on my overall health and wellness. And I am very excited to partner with OZiva who is creating clean and plant based solutions for people like me,” says Samantha

Speaking on the novel brand collaboration, Aarti Gill, co-founder of OZiva said, “We, at OZiva believe that best is a myth. When it comes to fitness, progress is about constantly unravelling our better versions. So it’s not just about being stronger or getting leaner, but about getting better holistically. We believe in partnering with individuals that share our beliefs and have a holistic approach to fitness. Samantha is a fitness icon and someone who truly practices a clean, plant based and holistic lifestyle. And for us this is a strategic partnership and much more than a mere endorsement. We are extremely happy to have her on board with us in this journey to empower millions of people to live healthier and better.”

Samantha will be seen in two new campaign films around fitness and beauty. 

Fitness is not just about being leaner or stronger, but about being better in every way. And  OZiva’s range of clean, plant-based women’s nutrition products, helps improve metabolism, energy and hormonal balance. 

Being beautiful is not just about how you look on the outside but also how you feel inside. OZiva’s clean and plant based beauty range of products nourishes skin and hair from within. It helps promote stronger hair, healthier skin and a radiant youthful glow, naturally. 

The brand has been building a strong digital ecosystem to make a healthier and better lifestyle accessible to all. In the past 6 months, it has launched innovative products for women’s health, immunity and routine based solutions for skin and hair. As an OZiva customer, you also get access to a multitude of benefits including guidance from expert nutritionists who can help you lead a healthier life. 

About OZiva

OZiva, India’s leading clean, plant-based nutrition brand, offers natural nutrition products along with a fully digitized ecosystem intended to enable 100mn+ people to live a healthier, active and better lifestyle. Founded in 2016 by IIT & INSEAD alumni, Aarti Gill, and Nutrition & Functional Fitness Specialist Mihir Gadani, OZiva has built an ecosystem that brings the best of ancient physiological sciences such as Ayurveda and modern food and technology. This makes each blend free of side effects and safe to consume for long periods. So every individual can unravel their better self in every way, all the way.


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