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If you are eating 4-5 small meals per day in order to lose weight, it might not always be possible to prepare a low calorie diet while also balancing out protein, carbohydrate and fat intake. Although, it should be used only occasionally or until you have developed healthy eating practices, meal replacements are always a good idea to help you get through while limiting your calorie intake.

What kind of Meal Replacement Shake should you consider buying?

There are several advantages of using meal replacement shakes.

  • They are more convenient and time saving than preparing 4-5 healthy meals frequently throughout the day.
  • Are more practical to use while on the go or at work.
  • They tend to be filling and help in reducing cravings throughout the day.
  • Saves you the trouble of counting calories at every meal!

The role of a meal replacement is to replace any one meal of your day- whether it is a meal or a mid-day snack. They are specifically formulated in a way that you get all the necessary nutrients in a balanced way while at the same time helping you achieve weight loss.

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OZiva’s Nutritional meal shake is a meal replacement shake meant to suit both, men and women. Here’s why you should go for it:

  • It is designed to give you the same benefit of a balanced meal but with fewer calories. As opposed to a standard Indian meal that may give anywhere between 300-500 kcals or more, a single serving of Nutritional meal shake gives you 124 kcals.


  • Being high in protein and low in carb, it keeps you full for as long as 3-4 hours, thus saving you from over binging on calories as well as keeps away untimely hunger pangs.


  • Since the maximum calories are derived from protein (18 gm. protein per serving), it is low in caloric value and load.


  • It has green tea extract and dietary fiber which double up as hunger blockers consequently, saving you from cravings and over a period of time, help you lose weight.


Lastly, if you are unable to take proper breakfast or end up missing lunch because of erratic meal timings or feel that dinner happens to be the heaviest meal of the day, then you can invest in a good meal replacement shake that is low in calorie, high in protein and helps meet your weight goals.

Add OZIVA Nutritional Meal Shake to Your Diet to achieve your weightloss goal

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