Powerful Ayurvedic Herbs That Help You Lose Weight Fast

The introduction of humans to a compacted, effective plant based solution- the mighty fat burner- has been a boon. To be using fat burner, you don’t need to be a hardcore bodybuilder or any fitness model. Although, while you take a fat burner, it definitely does not mean that you should have a no-holds barrier over your meals or that you get to skip your workouts.

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Major Post-Workout Errors and How to Fix Them

While we try to usher in as many calories in the name of a good quality, heavy-duty post workout option, what we possibly fail to understand is that we are only keeping our diet from working.

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How Much Protein Do You Need After Your Workout

So, you have been working out on a regular basis, taking in a decent amount of fiber and making sure that you are maintaining a clean diet plan throughout your fitness journey. But still find yourself unable to gain the right kind of lean mass or lose that extra amount of flab?It might surprise you that perhaps, how much of what you have been eating thus far post your workouts needs to be reworked.
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Why Water is An Important Part of Your Diet Plan

One of the most important things you can do to ensure a successful fitness plan is to drink enough water. You need to look no further than your own kitchen. All you need is a little bit of dedication until you form a habit of drinking away at the health tonic-water!  

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Four Interesting Ways to Use Flaxseeds in Your Diet

From several health conscious fads like juice cleanses to shake/ smoothie diets- the health world has witnessed several health food trends that have come and gone. However, the one to have
stayed and the one that actually has been researched upon for its multiple proven health benefits is making Flax a party of your diet.

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What’s Better For Weight Loss: Green Tea Or Green Coffee?

When it comes to cutting flab, there is no other combination better and workable than a regular, consistent workout and a healthy diet both with the right kind of lifestyle changes. Everything additional is a bonus. That being said, it become equally essential to go for the right kind of product that your want to supplement your efforts with.

Which brings us down to the two hot-favourites reining the weight-loss market at the moment: Green tea and green coffee extract? How do you know which one is better than the other? Read on to know your pick.

Tea time goodness

Originating from China, this powerful health drink has been followed for centuries and has been known for its potent health benefits, whether it is cardiovascular health or an impressive antioxidant level. The main component, Catechin- provides maximum antioxidant benefits and caffeine, which enhances thermogenesis and fat burning.

As per research, Green tea extract (GTE) has been known to increase the overall energy expenditure, increasing the number of calories burnt at rest as well as during exercise. Furthermore, long term use has also been recorded to show improved fat metabolism, with a weight loss of around 1-2 kgs over a few weeks time. While, of course, only GTE cannot be expected to do the work alone, when combined with the right diet and workouts, it supports greater weight loss and management.


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The green bean

Green coffee extract (GCE) is extracted from unroasted, green coffee beans. With chlorogenic acids being the main active components, this green bean extract has been gaining reputation for its weight loss effects.

While its function is still under study and research, it is supposed that GCE works through fatty acid transport and fat oxidation (fat burn), thereby lowering the chance for new fat cell generation through its antioxidant effects.

While it does seem to have promising effect, there still needs to be enough evidence to support its functionality in total.

Green vs. Green

While both are better add-ons to your weight loss regime, going by the research reports and available evidence, most is in support of GTE, for its higher caffeine component. The reason being, caffeine supports your metabolism and helps you burn more fat. Moreover, there is far more extensive research data that supports GTE as compared GCE, thereby making it more convincing that GTE as a part of your diet may potentially be helpful to fat loss.

Points to watch out for

GTE and GCE are most effective when taken without milk, and especially when caffeine resistance is minimized. Meaning, if you are already addicted to coffee, chances are you are resistant to caffeine and may see little benefits of the extract.

Secondly, if you think you can get your daily dose of GTE by sipping on your green tea couple of times in a day, think again; An effective dose 400-600 mg) would require you to have 8-10 cups everyday. This is where the right kind of supplements comes in handy. Just make sure you’re getting 30-60 percent EGCG—the active ingredient in green tea responsible for its fat-burning effects—in each serving. Green coffee supplements are generally sold containing 40-50 percent chlorogenic acid by weight. In order to get the most effective dose of 120-300 milligrams of chlorogenic acid, you’ll want to look for a supplement containing 300-750 milligrams of green coffee extract.

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Ways you can lose Weight with OZiva Nutritional Meal Shake

What exactly is a Meal Replacement Shake? These shakes are basically designed to allow a wide range of nutrient intake, that you might be missing out on in your daily life rush.  Ideally designed to be a low-calorie meal substitute, a MRS works to give you a balance of nutrients that a diet ideally should. 

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4 Excellent Post Workout Carb Choices to Recover and Grow

Speed up and strengthen your gains by paying attention to the best foods you need in your post-workout nutrition window. There are 2 times in the day when you need to take in carbohydrates: first thing in the morning since you will be breaking off a “fast” which will have been your sleep period when you are basically, fasting.

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These Life-saver Nutrition Tips Will Change Your Life

With a chaotic work-home life to be balanced, managing and maintaining your diet plan becomes a priority. However, not many have the opportunity to sit down and brainstorm to devise a proper diet plans.

Here are some simple nutrition and health tips supported by research, to eating healthy that can be handy for you:

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The Smart Approach to Building a Fat Loss Plan

Even after several food sacrifices, cutting back on calories, regular workouts and a good effort being put into a weight loss program some people seem to hit the “plateau” phase.

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