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When you are planning on losing weight, it is equally important to workout well as it is to eat right. Fad diets or crash diet courses are something that keeps surfacing so every now and then and it is only human nature to rush after something that promises results in a shorter span of time. 

However, the drawback of following any crash diet course will cause you to gain double the amount of weight the moment you get off the course. 

That is why it is more important to follow a healthy diet, and a healthy workout regime and be a better you by building better habits.

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The regular practice of a healthy habit will produce effective results in the short and long term— the type of results we are looking for.

To create a new habit, it has to be

  • Absolutely easy to start: “Make it so easy you can’t say no”
  • Effortless:  the less time it takes, the more easily you can add it to your daily routine
  • Rewarding: enjoy the process and feel good when you’re finished

Here is the 21-day fix Weight loss diet with OZiva challenge that is unbelievably easy and easier on your pocket, which does well to serve its purpose- help you get your health back on track.

First, we will create a meal planner with all the meals and snacks for the said period.

So, for a person with a target calorie of 1170 kcals/ day, the macronutrient breakup would be as:

55% from Carbohydrate

15% from Protein

30% from Fat

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 With the following food groups per day as mentioned below:

Groups per day refer to the different food groups and the number of servings that all the groups can be had in, every day

Second, from those recipes, create a grocery list so you know exactly what food you have to buy when you hit the supermarket:

With the help of a Dietitian, you can get a personalized target-wise designed plan.

Add OZIVA Nutritional Meal Shake to Your Diet to achieve your weightloss goal

If you want a detailed nutrition consultation, drop us a mail at or call us on 9769298556 and our experts will help you with your fitness goal.


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