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Looking for a way to treat your sweet tooth and not be guilty about it too? Don’t worry, we have just the right high protein treats that you can dig into without having to worry about sugar disrupting your fitness regime!

Here are 3 brilliant, effortless and easy protein treats that you can count on when craving sweet and also double up as great post workout food options:

Whey protein Laddoos

These protein laddoos are so easy to make, they’re unbelievable. Dates, protein powder, peanut butter and some ground chia or flax or til (sesame) seeds- all pulsed together in your food processor, rolled and chilled to perfection. Throw them in your gym bag for a quick snack before/ after a workout.

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Chocolate- peanut butter no-bake cookies

Healthy, packed with protein and effortless! These cookies are a blissful combination of wholesome oats, indulgent peanut butter and OZiva Protein & Herbs whey protein powder.

Just bring together 1.5 cup of unsweetened almond milk or whole milk, 2 cups rolled oats, half a cup peanut butter (unsweetened) and a scoopful of Protein & Herbs Chocolate Whey protein. Mix well and roll out your cookie batter into desired shapes, refrigerate and enjoy your snack!

Protein mousse

It is hard to not love a yummylicious one-step recipe! OZiva Chocolate protein mousse is just that. All you need to do is- scoop, mix, indulge. Mix one scoop of OZiva Protein & Herbs Chocolate whey protein with 1 cup plain yogurt. Add in a tsp of stevia (optional), and a handful of nuts and chocolate chips. Blend all ingredients together, freeze for 30 minutes and you are set to go!

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