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Whether you’re 25 or 45, you might have started worrying about getting (and looking!) older. But you shouldn’t be worried about ageing when there are ways and means of ageing in a healthy manner that can enhance your natural looks and which can make you “age like fine wine”! You might think starting an anti-ageing routine in your 20s and continuing it throughout your 30s and 40s might be a bit of an overkill, but it’s actually a great method of self-preservation to keep yourself in the best shape possible.

Think of it as a gym or a workout space, but for your face and skin! These products might help you make the best of your natural features and maintain a bright glow all the time! 

But before we let you know what routines you should consider for anti-ageing, let’s take a quick step backwards to understand the basic signs of ageing

Identifying the Signs of Ageing 

The good news is that there are some telltale signs of ageing that will motivate you to step up your skincare game! Here’s ones you might want to look out for: 

  1. Jowls – The beginning of the growth of jowls. Almost everyone develops jowls as they age. Jowls happen because your skin has grown thinner and less elastic. They may be less pronounced in people who have more facial fat, or more collagen in the area below the cheeks and chin. 
  2. Crow’s Feet – These small wrinkles around your eyes might have sprung up before you knew it. They are generally caused by repetitive movement of the facial muscles. They can come from the best causes like smiling, or even from squinting from too much sun. To reduce crow’s feet, you need to naturally replenish the collagen content.  
  3. Sagging Skin – Changes in the connective tissue reduce the skin’s strength and elasticity. This is known as elastosis. It is more noticeable in sun-exposed areas (solar elastosis). Elastosis produces the leathery, weather-beaten appearance common to farmers, sailors, and others who spend a large amount of time outdoors.
  4. Dullness – With ageing, the upper layer of your skin (dermis) starts to become dull as the cell-turnover has begun to slow down. 
  5. Sunspots – It isn’t an exaggeration to say that the biggest source of premature ageing, skin damage, and skin disorders is in fact a very avoidable and common problem – sun damage. In our 20s, problems like sun damage start to become really apparent. The UV-damaged skin surfaces in the form of freckles, hyperpigmentation or spots, leading to brown, uneven skin that makes you look older. 
  6. Neck Ageing – Keep an eye on your neck as it is often the first indicator that you have aged. Unlike your face, the neck does not have the bone structure to hold up skin. As a result, everything might start to sag or droop as you grow older. 

The Ultimate Anti-Ageing Skincare Routine to Ensure You Look Younger 

How to Slow Down Ageing

If you’ve been reading the above list of ageing signs and looking at yourself in a mirror in panic, take a breath, come back here, and read further! It’s never too late to start good skincare habits and create a multi-step skincare routine that can keep you glowing throughout your 20s, 30s and 40s. Luckily, great results are very possible even if you’re starting completely from scratch, you just need to do it right! 

  • Ditch soap for your face in favour of cleanser 

Your skin is a living fabric that can get beaten up or age very easily. That means you have to take care of it. Which means the first anti-ageing essential is a good face cleanser, in favour of the soap you were using before. Morning and night, start your routine off with a few drops of the OZiva Inner Glo Skin Brightening Face Wash. Wash it off with warm water, and then pat dry (don’t rub, it can damage the skin!) The Inner Glo Face Wash helps reduce pigmentation and give your skin a visible glow* and even tone. It also helps reduce the pH balance of your face. Most importantly, it gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells from your face, which allows rejuvenating new cells to grow and make you look younger and fresher. 

*Based on clinically proven ingredient in product.

  • Meet your new best friend – anti-ageing serum! 

You most likely have been told already to get a moisturiser. That’s wonderful, hold on to it – but when it comes to fighting ageing signs like wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots, you’ll need something a bit stronger. It’s time to buy a serum. A serum is a combination of active ingredients that typically have higher concentration, which allow them to easily penetrate the skin. Serums are intended to be layered under a moisturiser, and yes, both should be taken together. 

OZiva Youth Elixir Anti-Ageing Serum accelerates collagen production, reduces wrinkles by up to 50%* and leads to a 2X increase in skin smoothening and tightening to make your skin appear younger within 8 weeks of use, based on clinically proven actives.

*Based on clinically proven ingredient in product.

  • You’ll need to replenish your collagen content – from the inside.

You might have noticed we repeatedly mentioned that the decrease of collagen is responsible for a lot of the signs of ageing in your skin. Caring for your skin through inner nourishment will help give it a smooth texture and avoid common problems like dull, tired skin, or dryness.  As a first step, drinking plenty of water will help hydrate your skin consistently. Eating antioxidant foods that contain Vitamin C will also help with your glow. Both of these steps help you replenish collagen content as well. 

OZiva Plant Based Collagen Builder supports 10X Collagen Synthesis* in the body as compared to placebo^, based on clinically proven data . Consume Collagen Builder to replenish vital collagen that decreases due to age, pollution or stress. Make your skin healthier, radiant and youthful, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles that crop up as you age. Consume Collagen Builder before bedtime, in the evening!

Pair Collagen Builder with the OZiva Youth Elixir Serum for a Daily Anti-Ageing Routine that can make you look younger and slow down signs of ageing, from the inside-out! This routine fights wrinkles, fine lines, helps remove dead skin cells and replenishes collagen.

*Based on scientific studies on plant-based Collagen Builder ingredient

  • You’ll need sunscreen and anti-ageing moisturiser too 

As we mentioned before, everything people say about the sun being damaging is completely true. That’s why you need to apply SPF even if you aren’t going to be outside the whole day. And keep what we said about the neck in mind – apply this sunscreen not just to your face, but also on your ears and the back of your neck.

You can’t apply sunscreen before bedtime, so use this opportunity to follow up your serum with a quality moisturiser. Moisturisers help hydrate your skin, and hydrated skin looks plumper, more supple – and of course, younger. If you want a product for healthy ageing, long-lasting moisturisation, and up to 30% reduction in wrinkles* within 8 weeks, try out the OZiva Youth Elixir Anti-Ageing Moisturising Cream. It is 100% plant-based and contains natural actives like Rose, Tiare Flower and Sweet Almond Oil.

*Based on clinically proven ingredient (active) used in OZiva products


3 Ways to Manage Ageing in your 20s, 30s & 40s.

Let’s recap a bit: here’s the routine we mentioned for you to slow down signs of ageing: 

Evening and Nighttime Daily Anti-Ageing Routine:

  1. Consume OZiva Collagen Builder
  2. Apply OZiva Youth Elixir Serum 

Anytime Skincare:

  1. Apply OZiva Inner Glo Skin Brightening Serum 
  2. Apply OZiva Youth Elixir Moisturising Cream 

Maybe you didn’t get a head started on preventive anti-ageing, but it’s all right, you can start now! 

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