Biotin is a water soluble vitamin that is essential for all mammals. it’s an important part of enzymes to help them do their job in the body. It’s a member of group B vitamin complex, but also known as vitamin H or co-enzyme R. It’s especially abundant in liver. Biotin is made in human intestines by gut bacteria, but our bodies are not able to store it. It is unknown how much of this bacteria-produced biotin contributes to overall nutrition of the body.

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How does Biotin help in hair growth?

While Biotin is important for healthy hair, it is not the only ingredient that is needed. The hair structure is made up of keratin, a protein type. The amino acids of a protein form on a reaction of enzymes and biotin. This biotin not only helps maintain the hair but also contributes to good skin and nails. When present in sufficient amounts in body, this biotin serves as a contributor for protein to build and thereby improving the hair growth. However, biotin alone cannot save your hair and you need a balanced mix of vitamins and minerals as well as healthy modifications in a lifestyle.

If you are having severe hair loss or suffer from poor skin, biotin may be the answer to the problem. Although, we seldom seem to fall deficient in biotin, if need be you may be recommended to go for supplements that provide biotin. In addition to taking this supplement, make it a point to always eat unprocessed foods at max, cut down on sugars and eat proper protein additionally, improve your hair care process as well.

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Weight loss and Biotin:

Many researches suggest that supplementation of biotin is beneficial for weight loss. With the ability to promote complete utilization and the ability to metabolize carbs, fats and protein biotin is often marketed as the weight loss nutrient. In diabetics as well, supplementing with biotin has shown to increase the insulin sensitivity and improve glucose tolerance in addition to being able to modify the lipid metabolism.

The evidence of biotin’s effectiveness in terms of weight loss is yet to be made sound, biotin supplementation in the meanwhile should be considered as a supportive measure alongside a planned weight loss program including dietary and lifestyle changes that are necessary.

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