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Regardless of current health status or age, collagen supplements can sound exciting to you as an anti-ageing aid. Collagen is the main structural protein that forms our connective tissue and skin. The muscle, cartilage, hair, skin, bones and connective tissues in our body make use of collagen in one way or another. With the growing popularity of Collagen Supplements, typically referred to as Collagen Peptides , you may be wondering whether you need more of this protein than your body can make on its own? 

As with any supplement, it is important to ask and understand a few questions before opening your wallet and putting your health on the line.  

What are collagen Peptides? 

Collagen Peptides are a unique source of Protein and an important element of healthy nutrition. It is the hydrolyzed collagen which is derived through the process of hydrolysis.  Its physiological and nutritional properties promote healthy joints and bones and contribute to beautiful skin. 

Collagen peptides depend on the type of collagen used in making them. Marine collagen and bovine collagen are two examples of common sources of collagen which is used to make collagen peptides supplements. Both sources provide good quality of type 1 collagen whereas bovine provides significantly more type 2 and 3. 

Whole collagen is difficult to get absorbed in the body, whereas Collagen peptides are more accessible for the body.

How much Collagen peptides do we need in a day? 

As our body ages it loses more of the collagen. By the time we reach age 40 we start losing 1% of the body’s collagen each year. Other factors like smoking, sun exposure and consuming alcohol can affect collagen loss. 

Collagen Peptides doses vary from 5 to 15 gms depending upon the goals we are aiming for.  

Generally we need 10 gms that will be 1 scoop in a day . Although it generally depends upon various goals. Goals can be in terms of healthy skin, hair, joint health and so on. 

How much Collagen Peptides can be considered safe?

Collagen Peptides are considered to be the most safe and non-toxic supplement for healthy individuals. Most people don’t experience any adverse effect while consuming it.

If you are pregnant , lactating or an individual with a pre-medical condition then it is better to consult with a healthcare professional before consuming it. 

What are the benefits of Collagen Peptides? 

Reduce premature aging – One of the main reasons Collagen Peptides are opted is because it reduces signs of ageing. Studies show consuming Collagen Peptides improves a layer of our skin which is known as dermis. As we age collagen and elastin diminish from our skin. This process results in age spots , wrinkles and change in texture. Taking Collagen Peptides has seen an increase in the collagen levels in our dermis. This helps to reduce the tenting of our skin and directly impacts wrinkles. 

Reduces inflammation and joint pains-  Joints pain due to ageing and workout can be reduced with Collagen Peptide. Collagen is required for joint tissue integrity . Deficiency of collagen can lead to systemic or localised joint pain. Collagen Peptides as a supplement reduce morning stiffness and pain during the motion.   

Improve hair quality-  Collagen deficiency may cause reduction in the quality of hair and increase hair loss as well. Hair loss is mostly common for those individuals who are suffering from hormonal imbalance like hypothyroidism or estrogen dominance. Collagen Peptide supplementation will show an improvement in the quality and texture of the hair. 

Boost metabolism by increasing lean muscle- Collagen Peptides play an important role in muscle development and improving metabolism. Decreasing muscle mass will reduce the metabolism and also impair energy production in the body. Metabolism is the reflection of the amount of energy and heat that is produced. Majority of the energy is produced by the muscle. Taking Collagen Peptides increases skeletal muscle gain which improves metabolism over time.  

Why do you need to choose OZiva Pro-Collagen Protein Peptide?  

OZiva Pro Collagen Protein Peptide contains protein from 3 different sources along with Protease enzyme for peptide formation, Hyaluronic acid, Biotin and Vitamin C for improved skin hydration, elasticity and radiance. It also contains clinically proven Collagen Builder blend that effectively builds up collagen for skin and joint health while protecting collagen degradation in the body.

OZiva Pro-Collagen Protein Peptide consists of the following Blends:

Clean Protein Blend

This blend consists of good quality protein from three different sources like Skimmed Milk Powder, Whey Protein Concentrate and Pea Protein Isolate. In combination, these provide around 50 g Protein for every 100 g of the Product. Protein plays the following essential roles in the body:

  • supporting muscular health and Building up and 
  • Enhancing the immune health
  • Essential for maintaining our hormonal balance
  • Important for transporting essential nutrients in our body, etc.

Collagen Builder Blend

This is a standardised trademark blend- CollaBZenTM that consists of herbal extracts like amla, green tea and green coffee. This blend has been clinically proven to provide 10X more Collagen building activity and reduce Collagen II degradation by 50%. Collagen II is found in the cartilage and it is associated with joint health. This blend increases Collagen IV synthesis by 35%. Collagen IV is found in the skin and therefore it is responsible for optimum skin health. The Collagen Builder Blend improves collagen in the body and prevents its degradation.

Skin Health Blend

This blend has Hyaluronic acid for providing skin hydrating effects as well as Vitamin C and Biotin for skin health and better Collagen building activity. This blend aids in stimulating collagen synthesis in the body, provides antioxidant benefits and improves skin elasticity and hydration.

Protease enzyme

The protease enzyme present in these collagen peptides breaks down protein into peptide molecules that improve the skin quality and skin health. Peptides are important for naturally building collagen within the body and for optimum skin, muscular and joint health.

Anyone above the age of 18 years can consume these vegetarian collagen peptides. It can be consumed 1 scoop with 200 ml water / skimmed milk in the breakfast or in between meals. 

Read here to understand further differences between OZiva Pro-Collagen Protein Peptides and Collagen Builder.


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