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When trying to purchase a clean solution for rejuvenating dull and dry skin, reducing wrinkles, and getting a youthful glow, it is difficult to know which products to buy. While Collagen is a well-known protein in the anti-ageing game, collagen peptides are a relatively new concept and people are still learning about it. 

So you might be wondering – which one should you buy? Should you go for the familiar powdered collagen, or should you explore collagen peptides? Which is better for your needs? This article discusses the difference between powdered collagen and collagen peptides, including each one’s benefits and a few shopping tips.

First let’s discuss the products. But before that, we need to understand what collagen is, and what are its types. 

Collagen and its Types 

collagen powderCollagen is the most common protein found in the human body, found in the skin, bones, muscles and tendons. Collagen gives strength and elasticity to the skin. It is a component of connective tissue. Natural collagen in the body diminishes regularly, mostly after the age of 25, due to various reasons such as UV ray damage, pollution and other reasons. 

Collagen supplements are mostly sourced from fish and marine sources. However, collagen builders are vegetarian and vegan sources of powdered collagen that can build collagen naturally in the body. It has numerous benefits including increasing skin radiance, helping to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of ageing, as well as giving you a youthful appearance. 

Healthy collagen levels contribute to:
  • joint health
  • protection of the kidneys and other organs
  • skin elasticity
  • a healthy cardiovascular system
There are different types of collagen throughout the body with different functions. Here are the details: 
  1. Type I Collagen – It is the most common type of collagen and if you are looking for a choice to support skin health, it is the best option. It is a major component of skin, nails and bones. 
  2. Type II Collagen – Type II is mostly found in cartilage and supports healthy joints. 
  3. Type III Collagen – It is a major component of the skin and organs, and is often found at the same places as Type I. It supports bone, cartilage, tissue and skin health. 
  4. Type IV Collagen – Type IV collagen is both the most important structural collagen of the basement membrane and it entails key signalling potential, which is important for various physiological and pathological functions.

There are many other types of collagen present (around 28) but we will focus only on these four. Now, let us discuss the merits and differences between powdered collagen and collagen peptides. 

OZiva Plant-Based Collagen Builder 


This OZiva Collagen Builder powdered collagen contains 8 anti-ageing, 10 pro-Collagen Superfoods, and 3 standardised wholefood Vitamin extracts that help maintain healthy levels of collagen in the body. Its ingredients include Acai Berry, Hyaluronic Acid and Acerola Cherry and a proprietary ingredient called CollabZenTM, which supports 10X Collagen Synthesis* in the body. 

Increased collagen in the body helps: 

  • Reduce your fine lines and wrinkles
  • Give you a youthful glow
  • Maintain healthy levels of Collagen in the body 
  • Moisturise and hydrate the skin 
  • Strengthen your bones and joints if consumed regularly. 

This powdered collagen is Certified Vegan by the Vegan Society of UK, which means it is safe for vegetarians and vegans to consume. It is soy-free, gluten-free and contains no added sugar or preservatives. Consume OZiva Collagen Builder in the evening before bedtime for 3-6 months for the best results. 

OZiva Pro-Collagen Protein Peptides – New Launch! 

OZiva Pro-Collagen Protein Peptides are collagen peptides that are useful for ageing skin (especially after the age of 25), and if taken regularly, they can build muscle and joint health. These collagen peptides contain Hyaluronic Acid, Biotin and Vitamin C for improved skin hydration, elasticity and radiance. Hyaluronic acid in these collagen peptides has strong skin-hydrating effects. Vitamin C and Biotin improve skin health and lead to better Collagen building activity. This blend of these collagen peptides aids in stimulating collagen synthesis in the body provides antioxidant benefits and improves skin elasticity and hydration.

These collagen peptides also contain good quality protein from 3 different sources – Skimmed Milk Powder, Whey Protein Concentrate and Pea Protein Isolate for 50 g Protein for every 100 g of these collagen peptides. Protein plays the following essential roles in the body:

  • Building up and supporting muscular health
  • Enhancing immune health
  • Essential for maintaining hormonal balance
  • Important for the transport of essential nutrients in the body, etc.

The Collagen Builder blend in these collagen peptides has been scientifically studied to support 50% Collagen I and II Retention*. Collagen II is present in the cartilage and is associated with joint health. These collagen peptides are responsible for optimum skin health. The Collagen Builder Blend is designed to improve the building of collagen in the body and prevent its degradation.

Last of all, these collagen peptides contain the protease enzyme, which breaks down protein into peptide molecules that improve skin quality and skin health. Peptides are necessary for naturally building collagen within the body and for optimum skin, muscular and joint health.

Take these collagen peptides regularly for 3-6 months in milk for the best results. Consume them close to the end of the day with a balanced diet. 

Comparison between Collagen Builder and Pro-Collagen Protein Peptides

The main difference between OZiva Collagen Builder and OZiva Pro-Collagen Protein Peptide is in the medium and how it distributes the powdered collagen within the body and what effect it has. 

OZiva Plant-Based Collagen Builder is a water-based supplement that enhances collagen-building activity in the body. It supports 10X Collagen Synthesis* of Collagen Type IV. Collagen IV is present in the skin and hence is responsible for optimum skin health.

OZiva Pro-Collagen Protein Peptides is a milk-based, protein peptides and collagen peptides supplement that enhances the collagen-building activity and also reduces collagen degradation in the body. It also contains protein from 3 sources for muscle and joint health. 

So Collagen Peptides or Powdered Collagen – who won the war? 

While both collagen peptides and powdered collagen deal with the body’s natural collagen, one of them is responsible for building collagen naturally in the body and the other reduces collagen degradation in the body. As the two are both necessary for the body, we can conclude that taking both OZiva Collagen Builder and OZiva Pro-Collagen Protein Peptides is the best combination.

Consume Collagen Builder first and then consume Pro Collagen Protein Peptides for strong skin health, as well as muscle and joint health. 


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