Drinking large quantity of water i.e. four litres of water or more per day is usually  beneficial for optimum bodily function. Super hydration involves drinking large amount of  water per day in order to detoxify your body and as well as increase metabolism.

A person who follows super hydration process will lose weight faster and much easier way. Super hydration makes the digestion process more effective. It is important that water needs to be extremely cold, for the benefits to be felt. Body utilises more calories to warm down the cold water.

Approximately 1 calorie is utilised by the body to warm 30 ml of water. This means to burn 4 litres of water body will require around 130 calories.

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This process of super hydration is beneficial during weight training program. It aids the function of your kidney and liver. Having large quantity of water speed up the fat loss process. When the kidneys are unable to perform its function due to lack of water then your liver takes up its function while ignoring its own function to metabolise stored fat into energy. Thus ceases the fat loss process. 

Drinking water helps you avoid eating and drinking extra calories. You feel fuller. Water can suppress your appetite naturally and increases the body’s ability to metabolize stored fat.  Individuals who exercise for long intervals or in hot conditions can lose large amounts of fluid through sweat, which can lead to dehydration. It is cheap and convenient and sufficient for most recreational exercisers.

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Remember water is calorie free so if you are having water before meals it will help you burn fat and may even suppress your appetite. However you need to have a lot more than just water to lose weight.



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