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Don’t we all feel losing the magic kilos we put on during festive seasons would go away as sneakily as they came? Here are some easy tips to get rid of the stubborn kilos in a nifty way.

  • Update your plate: once you are done with the festivities, you know it is time to get the diet back on track. While in the company of friends and family you might have overlooked the number of helpings you helped yourself to, now is the time to manage your portions well. Make it a point to eat in smaller plates and note the portion sizes. This will help you keep a track of how many plates-full you have eaten and make you conscious about it.


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  • Set the sugar aside: There aren’t enough reasons to banish sugar from your diet but let’s start with weight loss. The first and most important step towards losing weight is to lose the sugar. Whether it is the carbonated drinks, sweets or sugar laden goodies-say no to them. Studies have all along linked the consumption of sugar with teeth related problems, diabetes, poor bone health and obesity


  • Set realistic goals: To make a plan and to have a goal for motivation is good. But it is very important to keep that goal very doable and make the pathway to it very realistic. Aiming for loss of kilos in bulk in a week’s time is not only ridiculously impractical but will also push you to improper ways of losing weight like crash dieting that does more harm to your body than good.  Reaching a goal may be a little slow but it is okay to follow that route with baby steps.  With that, what you will have in the end will be long lasting results that will have taken form of full-fledged habits that are healthy.


  • Snack smart: Look for alternatives to popular snacks that are healthy, low cal and filling. Try experimenting with frozen fruits, dark chocolate, nuts and dry fruits, seasonal produce. Keeping some of these handy for those times between meals when you feel like munching on something will not only give you fiber filled, protein packed snacks but will also prevent you from reaching out to fatty junk foods. It is okay to indulge in such foods once in a while but this should not be the excuse for you to eat street food for every time you feel like snacking.


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  • Take it easy: No one says you have to reach your goal without making mistakes along the way. You can succeed in losing weight by taking things one step at a time and starting fresh whenever you feel the plan is flailing. If you overeat one night, just get back on track in the morning by focusing on what’s worked for you in the past.

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