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If you are someone who eats regularly workout and is looking for the best kind of protein source to fill up the demand, you may be confused by the several choices offered at the market for the same. We bring to you a comparison between two of the most widely used and opted for protein sources. While you may be one to eat eggs regularly, you might wonder why then, do you need whey protein?

Here is what you need to know.

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Egg protein:

When it comes to eggs, they have consistently been in the debate as to what is the best way to eat eggs-with or without the yolk. For the longest time, the debate has been held over whether cholesterol coming from egg that makes it healthy or a risky food. However, as of recently, egg being declared a health food has again become a popular favourite among eggitarians.

Egg protein is available in both, whole egg form as well as powder form. Egg white protein powders have been in use as a replacement for whole eggs and in a concentrated form provide 5 times more protein as compared to 1 whole egg. However, egg white protein loses on the grounds that it is devoid of biotin, B complex vitamins, healthy fat, vitamin A and possible Calcium and Vitamin D3.

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Whey protein:

Whey as we know is a resultant of the cheese making process and comprises for about 20% of the total milk protein.  It is also a complete protein since it has a complete amino acid profile and therefore also has the highest biological value among proteins.

Whey has been researched upon and studied about enough to know about its positive effect on the muscles, fat oxidation, hormones, growth, energy and erogenic performance. It is essential in muscle repair and re-growth, improves performance and endurance along with stamina.

Takeaway note:

While eggs are a great source of protein providing 6 gm. per whole egg along with plenty of essential nutrients, it is still a slow digesting and slow absorbed protein. Whereas, whey protein, also comprising of essential vitamins and minerals, contains enough rapidly digestible protein that acts fast as is the demand of fuel post a workout. Additionally, the BCAAs in whey act as bonus fuel for the exercising muscle and also aid in burning fat while keeping you full for longer.

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