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Protein is an important component of every person’s body. It forms a part of our muscles, hair, skin, organs and even forms 30% of our red blood cells. And yet, when the conversation revolves around women’s consumption of protein, the narrative is bridled with myths and  discouragement. As a nutrition brand, we receive a lot of questions daily asking us, “Can I, a 30-year-old woman take protein?”, “If my wife takes protein powders, will she put on too much muscle?” And this time to answer your questions we got some of the fittest women we know to share their thoughts on protein, protein powders and what is the best protein powder for women according to them.

Khushboo Hans

Khushboo Hans, a cyclist and a hiker tells us, “Women usually don’t eat enough protein. We tend to crave more sugary snacks, pasta and other refined carbs. As women, we need between 50 and 60 grams of protein per day. Protein in higher doses is essential for a balanced diet and helps reduce hunger, boosts metabolism, and helps build muscle. I regularly take a scoop of OZiva’s Protein & Herbs. It’s a protein powder for women fortified with herbs that help my overall health too.”

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Paromita Chakraborty

“Protein is an important component of a balanced meal for everyone since it is the building block of muscles! And you need muscles to be strong. And no, muscles on women don’t make them look like men! What it makes them is strong so that like men, women too can live healthy, independent lives. Every woman irrespective of her profession should exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet with enough protein. An easy way to consume protein is to have a protein shake. The chocolate flavour of Protein & Herbs is yummy. You should definitely try it.” — says Paromita, a certified Yoga expert and teacher from Mumbai.

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Khushali Joshi

Khushali, a trained Yoga teacher and an aspiring therapist has something to say too. “Protein is essential for muscle growth as we know and it is required especially for women because biologically it’s a little difficult to gain muscle because of low testosterone. Improving muscle tone helps a lot with reducing weight. Coming to protein powders or supplements, the requirement of 1gm per kg of body weight is usually difficult to get from a vegetarian or a plant-based diet. In that case, one can definitely consider protein powders like OZiva Organic Plant Protein. You can add it to your chapati atta or dosa batter or even to smoothies. It’s also important to drink plenty of water and exercise daily along with having protein.”

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Subiya Baiganpalli

We also asked our in-house nutritionist and dietician Subiya Baiganpalli, about what she thinks about protein and here’s what she had to say, “Protein is the building blocks of our system, it is imperative to have it in sufficient quantity daily. Not only does it help with recovery but also reduces fat percentage, increases lean muscle and maintains skin and hair health. Whether you work out or not, one should aim at including at least 1 scoop of protein powder daily to help meet the requirement.”

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We hope that after reading what each of these women had to say, all your fears about women having protein are gone. If you still have any doubts, you can reach out to us at See you in our next blog, with more information on health, fitness and nutrition. Till then eat clean, exercise daily and stay fit!

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