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Looking at fit and beautiful women, whether it is the charming ladies from Bollywood or whether it is looking at international beauties, we always tend to wonder if it really was possible to maintain a gorgeous body naturally without superficial enhancements!If you have been eyeing several expensive products and serums for luscious hair and immaculate skin- save your money, you need not look any further. The one and only thing that you need to go to for all your health and beauty answers is already in your hands- Protein. One of the most essential macronutrient that also serves as a building block for several bodily functions, protein, lies at the root of all the health and beauty secrets that you have been seeking.  

Let’s Look at the Diets of Some these Gorgeous Bollywood Actresses – 

Katrina Kaif
She starts her day with four glasses of water. Yeah, as soon as she gets up she drinks a liter of water (Hmm!)
Breakfast – She has brown bread with peanut butter or sometimes egg, whites of course! Two full glasses of pomegranate juices and fruit salad.
Lunch – Brown rice, green salad, legumes and grilled fish
Dinner – comprises of vegetable soup, grilled fish and protein shake.

Kareena Kapoor
Breakfast: Muesli, cheese, bread slices or parathas with milk/ soya milk
Lunch: Chapattis, dal, ample amount of green salads and soup
Snacks: She prefers filling in on Protein shake and fruits to keep her going through the day
Dinner: Chapattis, dal/ vegetable soup. 

Anushka Sharma
Breakfast: Consists of 2 egg whites with a glass of fresh fruit juice
Snack–  She has cheese toast with lime or coconut water
Lunch– contains homemade veggies, dal with 2 chapattis and salad.
Evening snack she has Protein Shake or seasonal fruits

One common link to the diets of all these gorgeous actresses is that they are rich in protein. 

There was a survey conducted recently that revealed that a normal Indian woman is more than 50% deficient in her protein intake. This deficient stems from the reason that women do not 

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How does Whey protein help?
 Whey protein helps in maintaining higher satiety levels, thereby keeping full for longer.
Protein has a high thermic effect of food, which increases your metabolic rate, making your body burn fat and replacing it with a well structured lean muscle tone throughout.
Protein helps in the synthesis and maintenance of collagen, a key component needed for strong, shiny hair and beautiful, even skin tone. 

OZiva- Protein & Herbs Shake for Women

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Not only does it stay true to its purpose but it is super convenient to have a protein shake handy especially when you are short on time. For someone who works out or even for somebody who doesn’t, OZiva’s Protein & Herbs shake is a must try. (Buy from Amazon)





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